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I went to wall mart at south university & pembroke rd,miramar,fl 33025 to buy a pet armor applicator for dogs and i have to wait for 20 min for a costomer service personel to find the key because they have the repelent lock up then went they gave it to me they told me that they have to escorted me to the cash register to pay for it i told them that i want to keep shooping and they told me that i have to paid first and then continue shooping,they make me feel like a thief so i left the store and i promise to my self that i never going to set up a foot on a wall mart store anymore,i use to do a lot of shoping at wall mart not no more.santanaedwin@bellsouth.net

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Welcome to every store on the planet that locks up high-value, frequently-stolen items. Either pay for it when they take it out, or let them hold it for you. Simple.


Shooping? And worse than that, shooping at Walmart! That can't be good.


It's Walmart policy to keep expensive items locked up. It would be *** not to lock them up.

If you want to continue shopping try getting the item at the end. Lastly, use proper spelling and grammar.


What the heck is a 'pet armor applicator'?Does it make your hamster into an armadillo? :P

First B

It detects and gets rids of ticks and fleas from your pet.


Wow, sad state of affairs that Walmart wouldn't allow one of the Salt n Pepa girls to continue shooping


Any secure selling item has to be paid for immediately. It's been that way at Walmart for years. If you had other shooping to do, you could have just politely asked the associate to leave it up at the service desk for you and then you could have picked it up when you were ready to check out.


if you don't like their policies do what you say. go somewhere else.

there are a hundred customers to take your place. they don't need you. they are by far the #1 retail business in the world. people complain like you but they always go back.

see you there.

by the way, they have those policies because so many jerks rip them off. i work there and i see it first hand on a daily basis.


I understand your complaint, but you really should have not shared your email address without asking your parents first. You did ask them first before posting your email address right?