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Eta Was On Friday June 26, I Paid Extra For My Item To Be Delivered On Thursday The 25 So That Someone Would Be Home To Receive The Package, On Thursday Check The Fedex Website The Eta Date Was Push Back,so I Call Customer Service Spoke To Rep. Samantha Who Was Very Rude , So I Ask To Speak To A Manager So After She Yeld At Me And Hung Up The Phone The Apple Does Not Fall Too Far From The Tree And Why Would I Want To Buy A Big Ticket Item From Walmart.com $500.00 To Be Treated Like Sh...........!!!????

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Product not delivered, Customer service, Follow through.

  • Customer Dissatisfaction
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I down voted this 'review' based on grammar alone. It seems like something was supposed to be delivered on the 25th and pushed back by FedEx for reasons beyond Walmart's control but really who can tell.


You do know what ETA stands for right?


Definition of estimated time of arrival (ETA) Date and time at which an air or ship journey is expected to arrive at named city or port! SO......if ....I **paid ***extra for it to be delivered a day before the(ETA) *THEN THE NEW TIME OF ARRIVAL SHOULD BE NO LATER THAN THE NEW ETA DATE I **paid for**,you sarcastic S.O........

.BEING SO KIND AS TO emphasizing what the ACRONYM (ETA) means point made RIGHT! here is a couple more I don't know the meaning to may you can help ! #$#@F .....

and THANK... U