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OK, so I was so speechless after this evening's turn of events that I thought I would share with all of you the utter ridiculousness of what I have been through. (And I am now certain that others have been through as well) Bare with me this could take a minute but I promise it gets even better with every line. You can't make this *** up...

So a couple of weeks ago I go to my local WALMART off of Graham Rd in Stow, OH with the intention of purchasing a $50 WALMART VISA GIFT CARD so that I am able to pay for an online class I need to take and use online to purchase minutes for my prepaid cell phone plan. In addition to the $50 I need to load on the card WALMART also charges me an additional $3.50 (I think...I can't remember if it was $5 or closer to $3.50 but his is THE one fact in this account that I am not crystal clear on) for the sheer privilege of using one their "Vanilla Visa Gift Cards as I would come to find out later they are called. Confident I have now succeeded in my shopping quest, I head home and fire up the laptop I first go to WALMARTGIFT.COM and register my card and attach my address and personal information to the card number so that this can later be confirmed in the process of completing both of my future online purchases

Next I complete the online purchase of the $30 class I needed to pay for and am gaining confidence now. This next part should be a breeze... After all, the only thing I have left to do now is just purchase $19.58 worth of prepaid minutes for my cell phone at WALMART.COM using the WALMARTGIFT.COM VISA GIFT CARD I had just paid for the privilege to wield on just such and occasion.


I promptly head to WALMART.COM, find the product, enter all of my pertinent purchase information and pres the Checkout button on the last screen. Much to my surprise I receive a message that they are unable to verify the personal information that I have provided for the purchase so my transaction has been declined and I should try review this information, correct any issues and try again to complete the purchase. So, I do as I am told and review the info attached to the card. No issue then so I try to complete the purchase of the cell phone minutes reload card again. Confident it should work this time.

NOPE DECLINED! Now my WALMART VISA GIFT CARD has insufficient funds to complete the purchase. WALMARTGIFT.COM HAS placed a hold on those funds so that the WALMART.COM has the ability to collect them as payment for the prepaid cell phone minutes that WALMART.COM JUST DECLINED TO COMPLETE WITH ME.

I know the routine and have heard the song and dance before. It will be 3-10 business days before WALMARTGIFT.COM will realize that WALMART.COM is never going to collect those funds on the incomplete transaction and releases the funds back to the card for me to use. So I go back to WALMART and buy the cell phone minutes I need to last the rest of the month with cash and call it a day.

So tonight 3/3/2015 is roughly about ten or so business days later I notice that the funds are available on my WALMART VISA GIFT CARD again So I stop at the gas station and buy a couple of packs of smokes with it. Sweet it works. I come *** and one of my sons asks if I would use my WALMART VISA GIFT CARD online at WALMART.COM to buy a $10 Nintendo eShop gift card. I head to WALMARTGIFT.COM and per the instructions on the back of the card verify that I have around $11.59 in available funds on the card and I only $10 Good to go.

Wouldn't you know it though? TH SAME THING HAPPENS ALL OVER AGAIN. I know, I know doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insane right.

(I take a deep breath) And decide that I am going to STOP THE INSANITY.

I started by calling the number on the back of my WALMART GIFT CARD. After numerous calls I finally exhaust ALL of the numbered options (including the ever so popular ### pound it out til you get an operator method) I was met with the harsh reality that I would not be able to reach a human to help me at this 100% automated phone number that is actually titled (wait for it)...(drumroll please) guessed it...this umber is labeled CUSTOMER SERVICE on my WALMART GIFT CARD. So I moved on to "Contact Us" on WALMART.COM to see if I could reach someone to help me with my issue. I did get through to the WALMART.COM CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT where I had the opportunity to speak with another automated system that confirmed for me that they were so glad I had called and I now had 23 minutes until I would be graced with the opportunity to speak with an agent. So I promptly hung up and used (perfect website by the way) to turn the tables and make WALMART.COM call me instead of waiting and losing THE PREPAID CELL PHONE MINUTES THAT IT JUST TOOK ME 2 WEEKS TO PURCHASE DUE TO THIS CRAZINESS.

So had a CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT from WALMART.COM call me back (within 14 minutes I might ad) at which time I explained my situation to the pleasant customer service rep. He listened to my issue, placed me on hold while he "investigated" my claims and then said that he understood my frustration and very politely told me there was nothing he could do for me but I should definitely call the CUSTOMER CARE number on my WALMARTGIFT.COM VISA CARD. I conveyed my prior experience with that number and he said that was the only CUSTOMER CARE that could help. I politely asked him to provide the definition of CUSTOMER CARE as he was using it in reference to the ever so lovely automated system i had just become so acquainted with and then asked for a supervisor when he had no response. (Repeat from beginning for supervisor) so that he can tell me he can't explain what is happening and that he's got nothing for me. I politely suggested he give me the information for a working $10 gift card so that I can complete the purchase for my son and we can call it even at this point.

He politely informs me that just isn't a possibility. (Right....we can't resolve the issue for the customer by giving him $10 when we can continue to fail him in every way imaginable while paying our employees and supervisors their $15 an hour wages to explain that this simply isn't an acceptable solution. That would be absurd.) He places me on hold.

When he comes back he apologizes again and gives me the number for the WALMART MASTERCARD CUSTOMER SERVICE phone number to call first and if that doesn't work he gives me the WALMART CUSTOMER CARE phone number to call. When I question the "MASTERCARD" reference reminding him that I have a VISA gift card he gets annoyed and says that they are the ones that handle this sort of thing and to just call.

So I call and am promptly informed by a VERY RUDE customer service rep that they do not handle any type of "GIFT CARD". They only handle REAL CREDIT CUSTOMERS. So, i request yet another supervisor in the hopes of adding to my collection of useless WALMART CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBERS and obtain (from a very polite supervisor I might ad) just that another number to try and her most sincere wish of good luck in all of my endeavors.

So, I now call the CUSTOMER CARE phone number I have been given to find out that I have now been chasing this issue long enough that CUSTOMER CARE IS NOW CLOSED AS IT IS AFTER 9 PM CST.

I was ready to give up after that and went to check my email before gong to bed and low and behold I have an email from WALMART.COM with a survey asking for my feedback on my experience with WALMART CUSTOMER CARE NOW THAT MY ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED.

I am filled with new found energy now. So i fill out the form until I am out of space and then note that they will have to refer to one of the many places I will be posting my detailed account of my EXPERIENCE WITH WALMART.COM'S CUSTOMER SERVICE.

OK that about does it. Time to start spreading the word elsewhere!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service.

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Love this, let me sum story up for you: I'm upset my *** PREPAID debit card has awfull customer service. To avoid this get a real bank account with debit and u will get real customer service


I got so bored with this ridiculously loooong complaint as you tried and failed so miserably to entertain us with this attempt at writing a book. A much shorter version of your complaint without all the added *** would have sufficed.

I couldn't bear to read anymore. If I want to read a book, I'll go to the library.