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Bought an ever start 25 Amp battery charger it some how over charged or something on a 3 month old deep cycle battery for my tractor, thought I had a bad cell, took the battery back to Tractor supply exchanged it, put the new battery back in my tractor used it cranked it again used used the battery. Needs to charge it again on 2amp 12 volt.

Checked on it 7 hrs later blew battery acid all over the side of it and on my tractors Paint!. Returned the charger, bought another battery and swapped the charger for another. Put the new battery in my pickup left the headlights on for acouple hrs to drain the battery to test new charger. New charger said connect clamps.

Charger was junk!

Went to return charger showers receipts for the 2batteries I had to replace on there charger Walmart said not there problem but it is because they sell Everstart and it was under warranty!. Can't find an ever start company when I type it in Google it takes me straight to Walmart.


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This is another reminder of the junk Walmart sells.