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I purchased several batteries from Walmart. The first was a replacement for an oem battery, the second was a replacement battery under warranty, the third was also replaced under warranty, and now on the fourth. the batteries were for a 2004 Ford Expedition that I purchased new. The Everstart batteries last an average of a year and a half. On the first replacement I had no receipt but it was replaced for free. the other replacements I had original receipts. The batteries always went bad when we had extreme cold or hot temperatures in Las Vegas.

On 12/16/2015 I was doing some minor repairs on my vehicle that required me to disconnect the battery. I have an aftermarket stereo and the negative post just slides on without a retaining bolt to tighten. It's been this way since I put the system In directly after buying the vehicle in 2004. I have had no issues with this setup since it was put in except for the Walmart batteries. When I went to twist off the battery cable, I noticed corrosion on the post so i scraped it off. Upon trying to twist off the cable I noticed the post started to move. I should mention I was attempting to twist off the cable by hand.

I don't have an extended amount of auto experience but am farely able to figure out simple repairs easily. I immediately thought this wasn't right and went and retrieved the original receipt from the last replacement which was dated 7/25/2012.

I went to the nearest Walmart which is where I did the first 2 replacements under warranty but not this battery. I had to exchange this battery at a Walmart near where I work because I didn't want to drive, on bad battery that needed a jump to start vehicle, across town. The battery was replaced and installed with no problem.

Upon talking to an attendant, I explained the issue and he had me drive the vehicle near the repair bay to look at batter. He did and then went and spoke with another guy I guess was a supervisor. He came over and looked at battery and stated that because the post was broken it could not be replaced under warranty. His assumption was that I used some significant amount of torque and that's what broke the battery post. I again advised that I attempted to remove the post by hand as it had always been done. He further stated that I needed to release and loosen the post by loosening the screw for my amplifier cable. I told him that that was for amp not battery cable but he disagreed. This is my vehicle and I would think I Know how it operates after 9 years.

I then asked for a manger and sometime later he responded.While he was away I spoke to the other 2 techs and they seemed irritated that the battery was installed at another store and suggested I back to this store.One tech after explaining that the post simply twist's on, advised he would have never even put the battery in that way. It's obvious the tech supervisor had spoken to him about this and given his opinion that I used brute force and broke the post. He further went on to say that Walmart techs aren't master mechanics and didn't have the know how to even remove the battery. He reiterated several times How unqualified the techs are to handle problems like this. He continued to ramble on about things like how the techs would incorrectly handle even the most simple jobs and did not want to attempt to remove cable for fear of damaging something else. I asked, it's a battery cable, and he stated you don't know about the things he's seen damaged that he then had to pay for. Lastly he stated the battery could only be replaced if defective. I asked what was considered defective and wouldn't a battery post that you can just twist off by hand be defective and he stated it's not covered and referred me to the manufacturer. The supervisor then handed me a sheet with manufacturer guidelines for not replacing battery and the battery post exception outlined.

I then contacted the manufacturer and upon speaking with this rep, he stated that this number was simply for people that needed things like help with jumping a vehicle. He also stated that Everlast was owned by Walmart. I don't know how true this is. I asked if he had heard or had complaints like mine an he stated it's not often but he did have the complaint before. Maybe 1-2 times a year.

I will never buy an Everlast battery or given the managers statement about the techs by the manager even get an oil change from Walmart for that matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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