Camden, New Jersey
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I took my failed Everstart Maxx 35n battery in for a free 3 yr full replacement and could only find a 35n Everstart Plus replacement (about $20 less cost) on the shelf. At CS counter I was then charged $46 for the warranty replacement?

Her reason was that I only paid $30 for the old battery in 2015.

It was a $90 battery! Very disgusted with so called 3 year warranty policy and last Walmart battery for me forever.

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Only 3 battery manufacturers in the US so quality of battery is irrelevant. Next, it sounds like you are upset about a prorated battery which was/still kinda is pretty standard with automotive batteries. Some retailers have switched to a full replacement warranty, however these warranties tend to be shorter in length.


When you purchase an Everstart battery from Walmart, you have to assume it won't last as long as they say it will and that Walmart will do everything they can to mess with you when you try to exchange it under the warranty. There is a reason Walmart sells so many of this brand----they are not only cheap, but in the end unreliable.