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every single time i call Wilmington Ohio walmart their phone is always busy so u can never get to speak to a representative and it makes me so mad im done with this store.............i just wish that they would learn to answer and when they do they don't put you on hold for a half an hour they really need to learn to do their job and not be so hateful i mean i love walmart but lately its *** and people aren't gonna wanna go there if the employes aren't gonna do their job and treat people right

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I believe they are liberals there at that company and are purposely discriminating against you for being a Trump voter! It your right to preach and become angry!

Hopefully you called the police on their terrible customer service!

As a Christian on Facebook this story just enraged me and I feel they owe ME some sort of compensation for that!

I'll be calling customer service about this soon,and if I don't get my way, I'll be filing a complaint with Yelp! This is just unacceptable customer service! How dare they not be there 24/7 dropping what they're doing to listen to our complaints!

How else are we supposed to get the freebies we feel entitled to? There should be dire criminal penalties for anyone who gets in the way of our complaining!!!


I don't support Trump AT ALL and Im getting the busy tone. You aren't being discriminated against for your voting choices. Youre just being a paranoid schizo at this point.


If their phone lines are always busy than they are answering the phones which is different than the majority of phones, now if they phone keeps ringing and ringing then they are not doing their jobs. No need to get angry if someone else was calling when you called.


i know they are busy i said they were busy i no they are helping others but they should hurry up like limit calls to one minute and if the costume wants to talk longer they should make them come in the store and not on the phone and if they talk more than one minute they shold say sorry and hang up so others get a tern to talk. everytime i try to call they are helping someone, i called five times in one minute and did not get help until two minutes and 22 seconds later. all i wanted to know was if they sold video game in their section and they did not anwwer instead they sent the phone to some in the ilectronics section and they answered, the person who answers the phone should ahve told me not the one in the ilectronics section.


Yet if you were on the phone and they limited the calls to one minute you would be *** and complaining about that. The person on the phone know anything about the iletronics department.

They probably don't know anything about the electronics department either. You need to learn to be more patient.