Terre Haute, Indiana

Pertains to Walmart on Sibler Rd, Houston, Tx. Placed an order online.

My order went to this Walmart IN ERROR (two hours from me). I was told to call and tell them to "expire" my orders. Order was sent in two different shipments. Called, got order cancelled and credit was applied promptly to card.

Called a few days later to cancel second half of order and was told to wait 3 to 5 days for credit. 7 days later no credit, called again talked to different person was told to call back in an hour and talk to person who was to make credit. Called later, original person insisted I had picked up order. I explained impossible, I'm 2 hrs away.

She said to give credit "a few more days". A few days later still no credit I called and asked for asst manger. He said he issued credit and it should show in another "few days". He said someone probably "hit wrong key" when I was told order had been picked up.

7 days later still no credit. Called and spoke to a customer service manager. Said she would look into it and call me back in a few minutes. Next day I called back she said asst manager did issue credit to call Walmart.com people to find out what they did with it.

Called Walmart.com people they showed no credit issued at all.

They promptly issued my credit and sent an email conformation. COME ON WALMART...IS THIS CUSTOMER SERVICE?!!

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