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Everytime i go to wal mart i see dogs. Not service dogs but any old hound that happens in the store.

Today i was siting in the west lobby. There was another man there with a dog. The dog was sleeping, when some people came out and there little girl was almost bit by that dog. With a delicatessen and food being sold in this store there shouldn't be any dogs in that store.

Unless properly marked that it is a service animal no one should be allowed to bring an animal into the store for any reason. If I continue to see animals in the store that are not properly marked as service animals I am going to complain to the Better Business Bureau, along with the state Corporation Commission and the State Attorney General. I have complained not only to Checkers and greeters but I have talk to management several times, with no notice taken.

The way I see it Walmart's looking at a huge lawsuit if this continues. Weather someone is allergic or is bitten by an animal Walmart will be responsible for their ignorance.

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Walmart has clearly marked signs with a rendition of a dog in a basket with a circle around it and a line threw it. At boath entrance' s.

I have talked to management and there haveing meetings. So lets see if they bring about a change. I'm sorry if people think I'm not observing the rights of others but what about my rights. Don't i have the right just like everyother american.

The right to protest when i see things that aren't right. Bottom line is thats why this websites here so i can.


As long as they are potty trained and don't have any fleas, I'm Ok with them. The DOGS I MEAN! Not the customers!


Unfortunately, the Disability Act legally keeps a businesses employees from doing anything. If a customer states that an animal is a "Service Animal" then they have to immediately shut up and allow the animal into the establishment.

If the employee says anything after being told it's a service animal, then the business can be sued because its "discrimination". The law should just require the owner of the service animal to show a simple card or some other easy to see item such as vests on dogs to prove its a service animal so that "liars" aren't just bringing any animal into the stores.


Walmart workers aren't allowed to demand any kind of proof. Vest/markings or not, if the customer says "Oh, it's a service animal", the associates have to leave it at that.


A while back some lady brought her "comfort pig" onto an airplane and they let her do so as, apparently "comfort animals" are allowed now in public places. A sign of the times when half the population is being medicated.

Walmart must have decided it is ok for people to do so.

Check with the store manager and find out what their official policy is. Perhaps most shoppers in your Walmart are actually from France and don't know any better?