Seymour, Indiana
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10/23/15 Sent my daughter in to exchange two unopened big Slim Jims (with a receipt) that were purchased on 10/10/15. The young girl at the service counter was willing to do the exchange but the young girl working the front said No because it had been over a week.

I called to speak to the manager that said to come back in and they would do it. I asked about the return policy which she said is a 90 day return policy.

Thankful for the manager to make it right and follow store policy. Girl working front knew my daughter from school and dislikes her.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Poor attitude and policy.

  • bad sales
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Besides the obvious issues mentioned about needing to learn a lesson, rather than crying about the 'unfairly of it all'...

I'm missing what you where 'exchanging' two unopened Slim Jims for? Other Slim Jims?


Maybe a course on fair play by Dr. Phil!


If your daughter is old enough to do her own exchanges than she is old enough to fight her own battles. Mommy needs to allow her little girl to grow up or she will never fit in society with the competitive world.

I doubt your daughter is totally innocent either. I doubt the other girl was not allowing a return because it was a food item.

The manager is the one that needs to make the final decision. You need to stop getting into your daughters fights and have her handle things on her own.


Are you serious? Take the blinders off.

Your daughter apparently isn't as qualified for the job as her friend. And by definition, throwing the first punch IS starting a fight. Your daughter is a horrible friend. Truth be told, by marching your mouthy rear into Walmart and demanding to know why your precious innocent baby didn't get a job, you probably cost her any shot she had at getting a job there.

No one wants to hire drama. You and your daughter are the bullies.


The other girl is a back stabber. My daughter and her used to be friends but she broke a promise to her.

They usually shop at this store often. They wanted a summer job and applied for Walmart. They both agreed that if one girl got the job and the other did not that the other party would decline the job. They either worked together or did not work at all.

I asked the manager several times why my daughter did not get the job and he told her she is not allowed to give that info. I told them I am her mother and she is a minor (16) and he still did not give that info.

A while back they stopped being friends because my daughter's ex friend broke her promise and accepted the job anyway. At school that other girl who was my daughter's friend gave her a dirty look, and my daughter threw the first punch because of this and they both got suspended for fighting.


Looks like this mommy thinks she's a high schooler again. Are you your daughter's best friend too?

Try to fit in with all her friends and dress like a teenager? I swear it's white trash like you that's wrong society today. Kids all thinking they are entitled to everything and an attitude to back it up. I'm surprised you are even have her get a real job but that's the only compliment you will get from me.

I saw where you filed a complaint on here about your daughter not getting a job and pissed because your daughter's friend got it.

Seriously, you really think raising your daughter to be a jealous spoiled little brat is going to get her anywhere in life? She isn't entitled to anything and if her friend got the job it's because she had something your daughter didn't. So instead of encouraging your daughter to learn from this. You are throwing a tantrum and causing issues for other girl?

How very sad, and pathetic on both of your parts.