I used a pay telephone, 9/21/08 at the Walmart in Havre, Montana, in the evening and wanted to charge the call to my credit card. After following the instructions several times, with no luck in getting my call through, a customer service rep. came on the line and offered to help. I explained what I was trying to do and he helped.

I thought, "how nice". The call went through, but no one answered, which was strange because I was calling my elderly mother who does not leave the house in the evening. I waited a while and tried again, with the same negative results. Finally another customer service rep came on and offered to assist me after I once again explained my attempts to follow the instructions. Again I thought "how nice", even though I had to twice correct her understanding of the number I wanted to dial. It finally went through and I spoke to my mother for about 5 minutes.

When I recieved my bank statement with the charge for the one call that went through, I was astounded to see both the call that was not the number I was calling and did not get answered, was charged to me at $25.06 (that's $25.06 for 0 minutes!) and the one that did go thourgh was an incredible $33.94, about $6.78 a minute!

I paid my credit card bill with these two charges, but, I demand a refund of both the fraudulent charge and a refund of some of the cost of the call that did go through. I should not have had to utilize assistance; the phone should be in complete working condition or removed.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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Ditto Jim's comments. Wal-Mart is in a lot of things (and a lot of things they should not be), but thankfully pay phone service is not one of them.

The pay phone is the property of the phone company, not Wal-Mart. Your complaint needs to go to the phone service provider, not the store.


Uhh, WalMart does not supply or service the phone so complain to the phone provider. The company and their contacts are likely listed on the front of the phone above where you put in coins.

Second, if you dispute charges made on your credit card - DON'T PAY THEM.

Contact your credit card company and let them know you dispute the charges - right away - and they will freeze payment to the company submitting the charge and/or will investigate the charges and credit your account if they are suspect.

If the credit card company is aware of the dispute, you won't have to pay interest on the charges during the investigation either. Read the back of your statement - all this is likely spelled out there.

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