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We bought the car new and I have never changed the oil myself. Walmart has always changed the oil. I have receipts and Walmart has computer records of all my vehicles being changed there. 21st & Maize or West Kellogg Store in Wichita.

After the oil change my wife drove the car and the engine quit (engine siezed). My wife was left stranded in the Braums parking lot, oil all over the ground. The car was towed to All American Automotive on Tyler and hwy 54. They determined the car was overfilled with oil, as he said "FULL OF OIL". Not a small amount, but maybe DOUBLE what the engine should normally hold. I was shocked to hear this.

I talked to the store assistant manager and told her what happened. They acted like they would make it right, wrong. She made a copy of my receipt and they looked up my history in the computer. We also filled out an insurance claim. I figured they would pay to fix the car.

Was I wrong.

Several days later Walmart employee's requested to see the car at All American. I welcomed this because I thought this would help clear things up and they could learn from the mistake. Instead it was a COVER THEIR *** trip. The lead in Oil & lube told me the car was still over full several days later. Even after the car leaked quarts on the ground for days, she took photo's of the oil level still being ½" to 1" over the max line to send to corporate. The mechanic and managers at All American reported to Walmar and Insurance the car was "way over full".

It has been explained to me, that too much oil will destroy the engine. It can blow seals, hydralic the engine or the crank ways and piston rods can beat the oil into foam and then starve the engine of oil. Think of a car that's full of oil running out of oil, it won't pump foam. Car siezed.

On the video in the oil bay you can see someone under the car, but can't see if he drains the oil, most likely oil did not get drained and then they added 4 more quarts. The first story I got was that they had video of them draing the oil. Turns out you can't see this in the video. Then told me they did not have video of the top of the car. They then found video of the top of the car, showing the employee adding 4 quarts. Only mistake is the employee does not check the oil level. Their answer was, another guy (who doesn't do oil) must of checked after it was moved for tires. What a bunch! Every sign in the place says they will check all fluid levels The oil procedure manual says check the oil level. They told me I had to prove to them they did this and they can't even check the oil level after changing the oil. I guess you need to have your own video system under the hood so you prove they made a mistake.

This is not right. The largest company is sticking me with fixing the damage they caused. I brought my vehicles to Walmart in good faith for 18 years. I have all bills to prove no one else has been under the hood. I won't be shopping there any time soon.

If they try to put a store in your town, go to the public meetings to stop them. They ruin and take money of communites and they are a terrible employer.

By the way, I am taking them to court. Thank you for not shopping at Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Hector B

Incident Jan. 4 2020 Took a brand new Tire & Rim (wheel) in the rim was still in the box got it installed mounted and balanced 13 bucks.

Now when i get the rim and put it in the back seat of my car i notice a nick then another and another 3 gashes im pretty sure were made from the mounting machine they use so i call the assitant manager for auto center he ask how much the rim cost and my name and number and explained that they would have to review footage before they can make a decision and that i would be notified to come in to revire them with them.

He also said if its not approved that they would file a claim to the insurance company they have thats how far i am now waiting on them to call back. Will update when the new new is in.


The exact same thing happened to me. After leaving I noticed the truck was making a slight ticking sound.

Deove it home and there was a puddle undee the truck as well as an oil slick coming down my street. I took it to my mechanic where they deained 10 quarts of oil instead of the recommended 6. The engine spun a bearing and had to be replaced. Walmart video shows someone put oil in it twice.

They are claiming it was 5 quarts the first time and another quart the second time.

Im not sure how you can tell that drom the video though. I haven't followed up with walmart as of yet


The same situation happened to my car 2 days ago. The tech added 6 quarts of oil when the motor only holds 4.5 quarts.

Afyer driving it over 1000 miles to texas, the motor now has oil leaking all over the place. They mentioned filing a claim with their insurance but not sure where to go from here?


If you spent that much money and bought the car brand new you should be taking the car to the dealer for oil changes.They then do tire rotation and detail your car and make sure everything is in good running order.A brand new car is a investment and you should care for it correctly. No way would I ever trust Wal-Mart with my brand new car. Just sayin...


Had a new set of tires put on my car and the front driver's side tire rim and all came off made me go over an inbankment just about flipped. I about lost my life and my kids not to mention I did loose my car completely. I'm so upset my kids only transportaion is ruined and no money to get another


2011 Camaro RS V6 LLT. Incident happened on 2/19.

Oil filter o-ring not in right groove as verified by independent mechanic. 4.5 qts of oil leaked out over 8 miles before studdering/stalling/missing. Independent mechanic drained 1.5 qts of oil out, completely black with metal visible when using a flashlight. Dealing with walmart CMI now.

68k miles. No idea what the outcome will be but based on this forum it's not good. I have saved the oil provided by the mechanic and have requested an oil analysis kit from blackstone laboratories. Took pictures, had the car towed everywhere to avoid further damage before seeing the outcome.

The engine is done and the car is a complete loss otherwise. Replacement cost is about $8000 on a good motor installed.


Follow-up: Walmart CMI admitted fault over e-mail and settled the claim for a reasonable amount - enough to fix the car. This sounds like it's a rare occurance from posters here.

My recommendation - document, document, document and tow straight to the shop and don't even bother looking at the vehicle yourself or add oil to it. Get the local service manager and store manager involved- don't waste any time waiting. Don't scream, yell or threaten them - they probably have enough on their plate and are definitely under-paid to deal w/ some crazy people all day - both employees and irate customers. Pray for God's guidance, because you will need it on the patience side as these situations are stressful and expensive.

Once I showed the service manager the pictures from my mechanic the service manager said 'we screwed up' and face-palmed in-front of the store manager and I am sure this helped w/ CMI. In my situation they were both pleasant and professional to work with and I just asked them questions about how long this process takes and what they needed to submit to corporate. Get a statement if you have it towed from even the tow driver - show them the issue if it's visible. Don't attempt to fix yourself - get a mechanic who can document - even if that means draining what oil is left in the engine and take out the oil pan, inspect for damage.

Plan on spending $200-$300 to document the issue w/ towing. I did not threaten to sue them, did not ask for any rental car reimbursement. Others here whom I reached out to who left contact info on this forum ended up having to take them to small claims and won - that takes six months in some cases before you will see a dime. My recommendation - Don't be a jerk and stick to the facts, dress professional when you come into the store to deal w/ them and try to keep emotions out of it.

If the service manager(s) are not workable then go to CMI and file small claims if CMI are not responsive.

The people you will deal with are back-east in Arkansas w/ CMI and want documentation over e-mail. I talked to them on the phone only once through the entire process.


Same with my car in DEC, they blew my motor up. Manage said they would take care of it.

WRONG, Iwas told i was a liar by their insruance comapany. NOw on to a lawsuit.


Had almost the exact thing happen 2 days ago, Went in and got a oil change, Made it 3/4 of the way home and looked at my gauges in my S15 pickup and noticed i had No oil pressure and it was over heating. come to find out they put the incorrect oil filter on (was WAY to small) and over filled the motor with oil, Motor is toast and they are trying to argue saying they did everything correct.


I am also having and issue with Walmart after oil change.


Happened to me yesterday. I got my oil changed so I could leave for Disney Family Christmas with grandkids .

My car spilled oil all over until it was gone . It was towed away. It’s junk now . I’m forced to leave late , Miss my first resveration and pay for a rental car .

They say their tapes look good . Well how does a perfectly fine car blow from no oil 20 minutes after it left them ? So upsetting.

The certified mechanic from town point blank said ... Walmart messed up


Please contact me. I would like to know what has happened with your case.

I too, need a engine 24 miles after taking my car to Walmart.

2012 Camero with 35k miles on it. Kelli@alessmessservices.com Mine just happened in Aug 2018 They want 8100.00 to fix my car.

@Kelli Lavoie

hey this just happened to my 2011 camaro Lt i got a battery replacement and an oil change and they drained my oil but didnt add any! Engine Seized and not sure what to do since i drove it a month later only adding maybe 30 miles on the car. Have you resolved this yet??


Was your issue solved I'm looking at starting a class action law suit against walmart. I have contacted at this point 8 people who have had their cars damaged by Walmart during oil change and their claims department deny the claim. Please inbox me or contact me at 6789797091.


We’re just going brought this now. Took our car into them for an oil change.

The car started smoking and overheating. Took it to an independent mechanic and our car was double capacity on oil.

Clearly hadn’t drained the old oil out before filling it with more. Engine is toast and CMI is denying responsibility.


The above link is me. We would be willing to talk to whoever.


Same thing happened to our car. Wal-Mart "changed" the oil and 2 1/2 weeks later, the engine was blown.


This just happened to me today!!! I'm a single working mother and now I have no idea what I'm going to do.


I'm currently dealing with an issue of my own. I brought my vehicle into a local Walmart Auto last week for a simple oil change.

Originally was told it would take 15-20mins tops. More like over 2hrs. After leaving the parking lot, my car starts to smoke heavily & decrease in speed. I had to pull over in a parking lot & have my mom lend me her vehicle so I could rush to pick up my kids from school.

By the way, I was nearly 45mins late picking them both up. Upon picking up my kids, went back to the Walmart & told them someone either needed to have my vehicle towed or someone needed to follow me back to fix my car. The auto mgr & a tech follow me back to the location of my vehicle & do yet another oil change. I have them drive my car back to their shop to insure nothing else happens.

I also get an incident report from them. The very next morning, my vehicles check engine light comes on. I return to Walmart & they send me to a local dealer for diagnostic which they paid for. They(Walmart) stated that if it was a sensor or something "like that", they would pay for it.

However, they stated if it was something like the Catalytic Converter, they wouldn't cover it. WTH?! I told them they can't pick & choose what they want to pay for considering they damaged my car to begin with. The mgr then stated he would submit a claim through Walmart's insurance.

I'm awaiting a decision as we speak. If you're thinking of visiting Hudson Bridge Walmart Auto Centerlocated in Stockbridge, GA...

PLEASE DON'T!!! Change your own oil if possible or find someone trustworthy instead.


just curious has any one tried taking walmart to small claims court and won? I am thinking of doing that if they dont agree to pay for my daughters car, she has had it one month and has made one payment on it.