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We bought the car new and I have never changed the oil myself. Walmart has always changed the oil. I have receipts and Walmart has computer records of all my vehicles being changed there. 21st & Maize or West Kellogg Store in Wichita.

After the oil change my wife drove the car and the engine quit (engine siezed). My wife was left stranded in the Braums parking lot, oil all over the ground. The car was towed to All American Automotive on Tyler and hwy 54. They determined the car was overfilled with oil, as he said "FULL OF OIL". Not a small amount, but maybe DOUBLE what the engine should normally hold. I was shocked to hear this.

I talked to the store assistant manager and told her what happened. They acted like they would make it right, wrong. She made a copy of my receipt and they looked up my history in the computer. We also filled out an insurance claim. I figured they would pay to fix the car.

Was I wrong.

Several days later Walmart employee's requested to see the car at All American. I welcomed this because I thought this would help clear things up and they could learn from the mistake. Instead it was a COVER THEIR *** trip. The lead in Oil & lube told me the car was still over full several days later. Even after the car leaked quarts on the ground for days, she took photo's of the oil level still being ½" to 1" over the max line to send to corporate. The mechanic and managers at All American reported to Walmar and Insurance the car was "way over full".

It has been explained to me, that too much oil will destroy the engine. It can blow seals, hydralic the engine or the crank ways and piston rods can beat the oil into foam and then starve the engine of oil. Think of a car that's full of oil running out of oil, it won't pump foam. Car siezed.

On the video in the oil bay you can see someone under the car, but can't see if he drains the oil, most likely oil did not get drained and then they added 4 more quarts. The first story I got was that they had video of them draing the oil. Turns out you can't see this in the video. Then told me they did not have video of the top of the car. They then found video of the top of the car, showing the employee adding 4 quarts. Only mistake is the employee does not check the oil level. Their answer was, another guy (who doesn't do oil) must of checked after it was moved for tires. What a bunch! Every sign in the place says they will check all fluid levels The oil procedure manual says check the oil level. They told me I had to prove to them they did this and they can't even check the oil level after changing the oil. I guess you need to have your own video system under the hood so you prove they made a mistake.

This is not right. The largest company is sticking me with fixing the damage they caused. I brought my vehicles to Walmart in good faith for 18 years. I have all bills to prove no one else has been under the hood. I won't be shopping there any time soon.

If they try to put a store in your town, go to the public meetings to stop them. They ruin and take money of communites and they are a terrible employer.

By the way, I am taking them to court. Thank you for not shopping at Walmart.

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I am really scared now, my daughter got her oil changed at walmart and her engines seized I havent called walmart yet but I have letters from the mechanic saying the barrings were dry and there was something other than oil in there ,they said I should send the oil to be tested so I have proof.


I took my wife's car to Walmart auto in Tallahassee for tires. The mechanics broke off about 4 studs on three rotors and didn't bother to fix or mention this when the car was picked up. Also they damaged the hubcaps which had they not, I would not bothered to look at the lug nuts.


I am going through something similar. Thay failed to properly tighten my oil plug which caused all my oil to spill out. My engine seized as well.


I learned my lesson just 3 days ago. I just bought my car 3 months ago.

Turns out when changing my oil filter, it fell apart and they had to fish out pieces of it. But instead of calling me while i was in their store shopping they thought it would be a good idea to fill car back up with oil not knowing for sure they got all the pieces out. Well turns out there was plastic in the pan pieces have gone to my engine and my car will not get any oil pressure now.

over $2000 dollars in repairs that im not 100% sure they will pay for. What should i do if they will not pay for damages?


Went to Wal-Mart for an oil change a couple weeks ago and Walmart put the wrong filter on my van and all the oil leaked out. Blew my engine.

I just received a check to pay for repairs and a rental. I was worried reading other posts a couple weeks ago. But they do pay.

U can also file thru your insurance company if u carry comprehensive damage. Should be covered.


i have also learned a lesson 2 weeks ago my oil was changed the left the oil filter slack on my car. A 2013 chevy impala i usually go to dealership but decided to go to wal-mart.

The first day oil was every where took it back 2 days later and they said they fixed it couple weeks later my engine is blown from having no oil n it.

they refusing to fix it i still owe 16,000 on that car. walmart need yo be exposed to media better business bureau everywhere possible.


I recommend you take it to a professional mechanic shop or do it yourself, Never take your car to Walmart, I used to worked for Walmart and I can tell you most of those walmart mechanic are regular empolyees with no experiences, they are train but they are not smart, careful or mechanics, they were hire to do stocking or sales and then ask to work in the Auto Service with no experiences which is why a lot of people are getting the car damage or ruin at walmart service dept. I had my door handle damage and they refuse to fix or cover, infact they said it was already lose,, how the *** know they know that..

Walmart what do you expect! ***!


I had the same issue yesterday at the Walmart in Santee, in San Diego. My father-in-law is a certified master mechanic for the City of San Diego.

The only thing he doesn't do on my car is oil to protect his driveway. I got my oil changed at Walmart the last three services... at the same Walmart. The same mechanic serviced it all three times.

This time, I had a notification telling me that my oil pan had to be changed because the screws were stripped upon arrival. I asked to speak with the mechanic and he explained that someone had accessed my oil pan and had placed a "yellow seal" whereas theirs is a "blue seal" so to his way of thinking this was proof that someone had tampered with it. I told him, I save all my receipts for instances like this, and the only place that has touched my car the last three services was your place, and you are the mechanic who worked on it. So he gets his manager, and the manager was very nice and very understanding and made it seem like everything would be taken care of - that she was calling an automotive company and a calling a towing company.

After I started to ask her more questions, it turned out, no, we have to pay for the towing and the automotive repair upfront and they would reimburse us. Then it became no, she can only reimburse us $350 from the store, but anything greater would have to be processed and covered by their claims department, which is situated on the East Coast, and after having been there since 1:50pm, was now closed at 5pm.

I was totally unprepared for this.

So I thought it best to have it towed to my father-in-law's house, so he could take a look. The cost of towing was 165 (i was reimbursed by the store manager upon providing the receipt).

But we still had to pay it up front.

My father-in-law heard the story and promptly explained that Walmart mechanics are "grease monkeys" who often over-torque oil plugs causing the screws to pull out and become stripped. He said you can try to replace the screws but at some point they are going to be loose and cause problems. He said this happens all the time, because the mechanics are afraid of the plug falling out so they apply a torque HIGHER than the normal torque rating.

He said he witnessed noob mechanics doing this while working at a major (unnamed) dealership in San Diego for 20 years.

After look it over, my father-in-law said that his assumptions were correct.

They had over-torqued it. So I called the Walmart claims services today at East Coast time, which means I called them at 6:00am. I left three messages and have not heard from the person handling my claim. No notification of concern or anything of the sort.

I am particularly astounded 1) that the mechanic tried to lie to me and tried to suggest that the damage done to my car was done to by me; 2) that the mechanic was willing to let me leave on the road with a plug that could potentially fall out; and 3) that I have not heard anything from the Claims investigator of Walmart. To be balanced, the store manager was the individual who admitted fault and said they were owning up to the damage done, and indicated that she didn't want me to leave on the road because of my personal safety as well as potential damage done to the car. She seemed honest and sincere, and she did reimburse me for my towing expense, but technically if I take my car to a Honda autocenter I'm looking at 691 dollars worth of out-of-pocket expense. I have a pregnant wife and this is a huge inconvenience and I'm really disturbed that mechanics at Walmart would lie!

If I had not asked for the manager, I would have left with this and potentially damaged my car, and the mechanic was completely okay with that! Luckily for me, my instincts were spot on and this situation did not turn into something WORSE. But I'm really considering using my position in News media to follow through with this because this is a huge issue. Think of how many people they DID lie to?

HOw many people walked out the door and have their car take a dump on the freeway! Very disturbed. And this is such a common problem that can be resolved with appropriate training.

Please, if anyone has had success with Walmart claims, please let me know. I'm still waiting for their rep to contact me.


I went to walmart today to get some supplys for a computer I was working on and on my trip the oil pressure bottomed out and started to warm up. I talked to the rep and they told me that they did not have the filter for my 1950plymouth and that I would need to get one and bring it back.

now if you know a bit about classic cars is that you can put a role of toilet paper in the oil filter as a replacement and it would work. well she looked at me like I was dumber than dirt even though a classic car owner behind me was telling her it was true. long story short they denied to give me an oil change and I did not know how to and was forced to try to head to my nearest mechanic. well we did not get there she burned up blew white smoke and when I pressed the clutch to take some work of of her it died right on the spot.

now I find out I have a blown 62year old motor because dam Wal-Mart did not want to put a temp filter on it. Thanks Wal-Mart for your *** service and the death of my beloved cars prized motor which was original

@***ed cl***ic car owner

Take responsibility for your own actions. Why didn't you have your beloved car towed since it didn't have oil pressure?

You don't deserve to have nice cars if you don't realize that you don't drive a car with oil pressure.


uhhh wal mart has like 4 different filters that fit nearly all the same small blocks and big blocks :p plus maybe didnt have enough for a tow soooooo dont assume, they definitely offered poor service!


How man of you really have every worked at Wal-Mart? Probably non of you but yet you say the employees do not make money and they sell cheap Chinese products really!? Sometimes I wonder if we should have freedom of speech with some of the dumb stuff that comes out of peoples mouth!


Yes, I beleave it. They will damage your car and not pay for it.

It is a scam how they refer you to there insurance and then they deny you claim. After they ruined my car, I stopped shopping there. Trust me I was spending a about 6K per year before they ripped me off.

I also agree they are the worst employer, have many friend who have worked there. :sigh :(


On topic, though... as if working for the company didn't teach me enough...

I, too, took my car to a local Wal-Mart for an oil change, and got my car back with power steering fluid in my break fluid reservoir. Of course, I didn't know this at the time and ended up driving my car letting a polyurethane product swell my brake lines, lock my brakes, and burn/melt my rims. After taking my vehicle to a trusted mechanic, I was told exactly what was wrong, what was put in my reservoir, and what the entire effects of it was, and I took the problem over to Wal-Mart with a repair bill in my hand of nearly $2,400 before labor.

Filed a claim with their insurance company, after taking forever to explain the issue to the incompetent management...

WMM: "We don't deal with brake fluid."

Me: "The issue wasn't that there was brake fluid in my power steering reservoir, it was that there was power steering fluid in my brake reservoir--as in some *** put it in the wrong place!"

WMM: "...but we don't deal with brake fluid..."

Me: "...are you kidding me right now?"

Anywho, insurance company ended up calling me, telling me that, and I quote: "Wal-Mart doesn't deal with brake fluid." Idiots. After a bit longer on the phone, the insurance representative ended up trying to convince me they had the employee filling up the correct reservoir. Naturally, they would not share the video with me.

Aside from washer fluid, I had neither a need to, nor a reason to alter, fill, or otherwise think about any of my fluids--they were all being handled by Wal-Mart.

Rather than hiring a lawyer, continuing this nonsense, I just decided to stop. To date, Wal-Mart is down nearly $70,000 in retail sales (in the $40k's in profit) on just myself alone--just for a simple $1,800 repair (I discluded replacing brakes and some other minors that could be attributed to wear and tear). Was it worth it, Wal-Mart? I'll never be back.


Kay13 let's be honest here; do you really believe no jobs would be available if a Wal-Mart were not present in an area?

Let's say that's somehow actually true (i.e. virtually no retailers would exist in the area--regardless of wether or not a Wal-Mart were present). Would a person be better off on welfare, or a minimum wage job offering raises once per year of, at the maximum, $0.15 up to a grand total of earning minimum wage + $12.50/hr--taking roughly 18 years to accomplish.

Now, did you know that management/underling personnel are rewarded for how little is spent on a department's wages each quarter/year/month? Of course not! Now, imagine you actually happen to have an employee making an acceptable hourly wage--what do you think is going to happen to that employee?

I used to be employed in a Sam's Club afer a brief stint at Wal-Mart, I know how the mind-set is. They value incompetence, quantity, and low-quality over anything resembling intelligence or efficiency. The less your underlings are paid, the more they are offered work. The more they are paid, the less hours they are given. This is how it works at Wal-Mart--this is what you want to see continue and grow... spreading like the disease it is.


same happend to me but the put two gaskets on my oil filter and all the oil came out and my engine stopped and i needed a new engine what f***ers


for kay13 you need to educate your self walmarts lawyers have lost multi million dollar law suits because there company cheats its help


They over torqued drain pan (whatever that means). They admitted it & sent me to get issue to be corrected by a mechanic.

Problem: I have spent over 1200.00 from other problems (like radiator & fan replacement, alternator, & now something else). Never had any problems before messed up drain pan.

Never will I go there again. Car 2002 sunfire, has only had clutch replaced & brakes prior to the infamous Walmart over torqued screws!


This is what is wrong with this country. Walmart is not creating jobs, i'm sorry greeting, stocking, cash clerk.

All they sell in cheap chinese products and the money is going to china. Then the fed's borrow 42 cents on the dollar from them and give Walmart gets tax brakes, and a waiver for Oboma care.

Guess who pay for this? You the tax payer and your kids future debt.


First of all if you try ban other walmarts from building YOU will be causing alot of people not being able to get jobs then get stuck paying for them on Welfare and Second of all WalMart Lawyers will eat you alive you are the one who brought it there to begin with next time change your own *** oil your just another person who wants WalMart to pay for a new car!