Indianapolis, Indiana

It seems the last few times I have visited the Walmart on South Emerson in Beech Grove, Indiana I have encountered problems with food products. Several trips ago I purchased a package of buns that had been chewed on by what appeared to be from a mouse.

I didn't realize until I was home and taking from the bag. Today I went to four different food products and found that the expiration dates ranged from March 12th to May 9th. Today is May 15th.

I am rethinking purchasing groceries from here. I have filled out the surveys numerous times, seems to not help.

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The old hag from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and you Sioux Falls, South Dakota probably the same old hag are full of manure because people did NOT live long healthy lives before there were expiration dates! That is a FACT!

Which is why we have the FDA and USDA.

Thanks for proving your ignorance. :grin :grin



Now Sioux Falls is a 76 year old? These people morph into more personalities than the Transformers series!


Now I suppose the Nazites (yes, I realize the spelling) are going to lose their minds over 76 years old rather than 73.

I'll give 'em that - it's all they have!


Well, the old hag from Sioux Falls, SD was only saying that people lived long, healthy lives before there was expiration dates on food. I just find it hard to believe that the person complaining found food with expiration dates on it on the shelves.


Definition of Expiration Date-1date something should be used by: a date printed on the packaging of food and drug products that indicates the time after which they should not be used. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned money on expired food and they shouldn't be on the shelves after the expiration date, walmart knows that too.

Once again the old hag from Sioux Falls, South Dakota fails to understand that there is a expiration date and use by date and sell by date printed on packages for a reason.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota only ignorant people attempt to taste something they are not sure of...when in doubt throw it out! The DATES are there for a reason if it didn't matter they wouldn't take the time to print them on the package.

It appears that you have suffered some brain damage from eating food containing lead or some other toxin. You should be aware that this is a civilized country.


Was the bag that the buns were in torn, anyplace. If not a mous couldn't have been nibbling on them.

What most people consider to be an expiration date, usually means that it is best used by. I don't follow the dates on food items or anything else, unless it is something that has been opened for awhile. I am 73 years old and grew up before there was anything like expiration dates. I don't know of anybody that died from eating food that was beyond a reasonable use date.

We didn't even have a refrigerator until I was nine years old. We all lived. Most of determining whether or not food was spoiled was done with a sniff test or else an adult would take a small taste, just enough on the tongue to determine if it tasted right.

People worry too much about the dates on purchased food.It's nice you had so much free time to run around and check the dates on different foods. The only way I would do that is if I was going to purchase an item, and even then I don't.