Midlothian, Texas
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Not everyone enjoys going to Walmart.. It's already a hassle dealing with ONLY 2 registers open NOW I have to double check anything I buy because they always sell EXPIRED foods.

KIDS yogurt, Bread, MILK, you name it it's probably expired. There has to be some kind of law for selling expired foods.

Like seriously you have how many workers and only 2 registers open? Can't they have a department for checking and making sure food is not expired?!?

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Walmart Cons: Waiting in line, Not enough registers open too many worker.

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Well, I wouldn't shop at a store that sold expired kids either.


When did you get fired.


WalMart is not a place to shop for much of anything anymore---inadequate open lanes; irregular stocking; and, as you note many expired goods on the grocery shelves---a result of lazy, inept employees. But, that's WalMart. Shop elsewhere, even if you have to pay a few cents more at Kroger, etc.


They are not lazy or inept. They are pushed beyond their abilities to do the work of people to keep your prices low enough to make you want to shop there.

THAT is why they have only two lanes open and never anyone on the floor to help you. One person to run an entire department. I challenge you, and the poster, to walk an entire department of any food aisle, and see how many items you can check the dates on in minutes. They have to do an entire department, as well as all the other *** their managers pile on top of them.

Blame management, and yourselves for choosing to pay cheap prices.

If you want better checkout lanes, more employees, and a better experience, pay more and shop somewhere else.

I also challenge either of you to attempt to work at a Walmart for one week. You will quit.


oh dat for sure dat for sure