Catonsville, Maryland

The Walmart in Commerce Tx continually sells expired food. If you complain about it they claim it was an oversight.

Seriously year old can food n month old meat products on any given day you shop there. It is horrible that they knowingly risk the lives of their customers to make even more money than they alreay do. will began going thru store and carting up expired food, taking pics of all of it then recording my coversation with the store manager on a random basis.

maybe they will stop poisoning us. more than likely they will just ban me from the store

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I believe the "old meat" is true because I saw something VERY similar. I bought a package of 5 steaks that were arranged 3/4-stacked (the top steak was on the one below it such that you could see the top 2 inches of the steak beneath it, and so on with the steak below that.)

Well, when I peeled off the top steak off the pile, you can clearly see that the meat that was covered was a different color and older.

It's as if they stacked the steaks, and then sprayed lemon juice over them before putting the plastic over it.

And I did see expired hot dogs and other dairy items there, too! Lesson learn for all: Always look at your "Good thru" dates, where ever and whenever you shop.


I'm with Ethan on this one. Walmart sells a lot of groceries and meat is one of them.

so I highly doubt they had meat that old. fake or exaggerated story.


When did you get fired to make up something like that. I mean a year old food and month old meat, if you are going to lie make it believable.