This is a complaint about the Walmart on Lincoln Highway in Lancaster, PA. I just had a few items.

I got into the 20 or less line. The customer at the register had a much, much more than 20 items. His cart was full. After his purchase his significant other brought clothes up to the register and rung up.

I asked about it and was told the manager said to take these people. The cashier said it happens all the time. What's the point of having a 20 or less line? I absolutely hate that store but it's close to home.

The lines are very long and there are few cash registers opened.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I know this is a bit late, but we are not allowed to say anything to the customer. We could get fired. But, you have no idea what I want to say to the *** who brings 90 or more items into a 20 or less line.


The problem with express lanes is that the employee is often powerless of enforce the maximum.

Having worked in a store years ago, often on express I have come to realized that at least half the customers, when told to switch lines due to item overage will complain, request a manager, unload anyhow or just downright ignore you. So I ask, would you rather wait 10 more minutes while the employee has to call the manager to deal with the situation or just suck it up and wait the extra minute while the entitled *** checks out?


I actually read a complaint written about Wal-Mart about a lady who was mad because she had 30+ items and the cashier at the express lane wouldn't help her. Now I'm reading the opposite. I guess Wal-Mart can't please everyone.

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