I stopped at the Walmart store in Mountain Home, Arkansas for a few food items as well as oil for my garden tractor and ATV. I asked Stacy (Male) stocking shelves in the auto parts department for help.

Based on the info I gave him he checked his lap top to see what was available in the way of oil filters for these units. Walmart did not stock filters for either. He did not stop there, he checked for cross reference numbers to see if anything else would do. Again no luck, but he did give me a list that I could use in an auto parts store.

I consider his efforts to be beyond what one should expect from a busy employee.

Brought back memories of my actions as a part-time associate in a full service Sears store in the tool department.

I was told several times that customers had complimented me by name to the store's managers. I really appreciated Stacy's helpful customer relations

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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