I bought mine at walmart and opened it a few times and the back came off.well mabey its a extrs lid but it was held on by two peaces of tape.now I wonder if I could sell tin cans to replace the wallet guess I can use some super glue on it and charge the company for finishing there product.tomorrow I will return it and charge them for travel and repair work and being pissed.this is the alumawallet.glad I now didnot order it by p/c.walmart will loose some customes over this peace of cr-p.

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Thanks zachary1998 I couldn't understand a word, this goes to the one who wrote this why would Walmart pay for your bus fare, Superglue and tape? If you tell them that they might laugh in your face!


This is fine news! Walmart has extra "peace"! Perhaps we can ship some to countries around the world!


What are you saying, Speak English please.


What are you talking about?

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