Kingfisher, Oklahoma
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I ordered 3 tires online from WalMart. The closest WalMart to me with a tire service is 40 miles away so I had them delivered there.

When I got the email telling me my tires were at the store, I called them to see when they were open. They said they were open until 6pm. I left at 4pm on Tuesday and got there at 5pm. I was told that they were not taking any more customers for the day.

Ok, my fault for not thinking about that. I drove the hour back home. Wednesday, I left at noon and got there at 1pm. It was after 5pm before they were finished.

I got into the car and the dashboard tire pressure display said that two of the tires were at 22lbs when they were supposed to be at 36lbs. I got one of the workers attention and he went inside and came back out and assured me that they had been properly inflated. I thought perhaps the system needed some time to calibrate. After driving 3 miles to a gas station, they were at 20lbs and visibly flat.

I went back to the WalMart and they were at 18lbs. I was told that maybe the valve packs were bad and since it was 5:45 and they were closing, I would have to come back the next day and that I should make sure I have an air pump in case they were still leaking. As if they were going to stop leaking on their own. I again drove the hour back to my house with an extra half hour because I had to stop twice to air up my leaking tires.

They were losing about one pound pressure every two minutes. I spent Thanksgiving at the house where my car is sitting on two flat tires. Friday my choices are: 1. Air up two flat tires and drive one hour to WalMart making pit stops along the way or 2.

Find a place locally and pay them to fix the leaking tires. Either way, Im out a lot of time and money for the gas I have spent not to mention the money I paid to have them improperly installed in the first place!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Rotation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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