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I went to Walmart after calling them yesterday to tell them my issues with my tires that have less then 8K miles on them and the belt was broken in the front and the rest are dry rotten and leak around the rims. I told them I want them all replaced.

This was at around 5 pm. They said it would be around 7. I came back at 7:30. And they told me they could do nothing and would not replace nothing and I am pissed...

I asked to talk to managers which ironically all went home. The acc manager at adrian Michigan store Justin peeks well that jack *** shouldn’t be allowed to scrub the toilets. He hung up on me!!! Some customer service Walmart’s!!

That really pissed me off. They all proceeded to tell me they couldn’t do anything cuz they were bought in March of 2012. Well it’s been in storage practically since a thousand miles after I bought them and started driving it again in December. It says no where online or on my paperwork or even the 800 number people about there being an age limit.

No where. I paid for 50k miles warranty and I got less then 8 so THEY SHOULD BE COVERED REGUARDLESS!! Oh and they have all their fancy equipment and frame lifts and what not and they say they can’t jck my car up cuz it sits to low cuz shocks are bad and I probably got 10K lbs in it. (Not) but..


And I can jack it up with a scissor jack in the mudd by myself with shittier tools and it’s fine but they can’t do it??? I’m pissed off!!! What’s the point of having warranty’s if the bastards won’t honor them??

Did they not get the memo the customers always right?? This is ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Replacement.

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To The Reviewer- You're another sad and bad customer, that nobody wants to deal with. Maybe someone needs to give you that memo!


Where did you get the idea that the customer is always right? Sometimes customers just plain don't know what they are talking about.

It's not their fault you let the tires sit around in storage. Do a little research on tires. The break down through oxidation over time.

At 6 years after the date of manufacturer seem to be the consensus for the life of a tire and it looks like yours are older than that. In the future don't buy tires if you aren't going to use them.


Agreed. Entitled customers are the worst.

When i was working into retail we would alway have that one customer that would try too start something with the employees or managers or that would try too get something for free. I am feeling so bad and sad for any employee or manager that has too deal with any customer that acts like this!


Ha! That reminds of the real poor people who go out and buy a real old Cadillac that;s all worn out for like $1,000 and then drive around all proud like they are a rich person.

@Wal-Mart Keeps A Close Eye On Me When I Shop

Agreed with you. Don't when these entitled customers are going to stop acting like this!