Lexington, Kentucky

After tonight my sister and I will never go to walmart again. This happened at 4051 Nicholasville rd in lexington ky.

We were shopping for ourselves and also for our father who is handicapped. There was only 2 registers open and about 20 people in line waiting. When we finally got to check out we rung our fathers items separately because he gave us his credit card to use. The machine would not read his card and so was entered manually because of this the cashier said my father had to be present to buy the items which is ridiculous because if my father could he would have came and got them himself in the first place.

I ended up buying the items myself. When my sister wen to check out she ask for a pack of cigarettes and was ask for her ID which was fine but the cashier then would not sell them to her because her license was expired. Her license is suspended but that doesn't mean her license is fake.

So it was proved to us tonight that if your license is suspended then your not allowed to buy cigarettes, alcohol or R rated movies because you license is considered "invalid". Both of these "policies" are a joke and we will not shop here or any walmart anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Yes they have to decline an expired ID most places have to, and unless you have an ID to match a credit they're not allowed to handkey any card aside from gift cards.. So Wal-mart was correct in denying what they did, as for the long lines what do you expect it's Wal-mart.


Is your sister even old enough to by cigarettes, with your behavior I doubt it.


I think it is the OP that is immature not the sister.


tobacco kills and only dumb people smoke. still they shouldn't *** off paying customers.

u shuld walk around the store with your cigarette lighter and small metal rod the size of a pencil.

use the heated rod to burn expensive merchandise there. Tough love is the only way, teach them a lesson.


It's not 'ridiculous', it's a policy. A lot of places have policies like that, it was HIS card, he needed to be there to verify it.

It might seem annoying, but if you'd honestly take the time to think about it, then you wouldn't complain.

Second of all if the licenses is expired or suspended it's invalid and it can't be used! No matter the reason.


Next they will be moving in the thumb I.D. so be prepared for that.(It's to eliminate fraud) they will be scanning your thumb for verification for all credit card purchases.


Walmart did the right thing. The right thing just happened to be the inconvenient thing.

It's protocol just about anywhere to refuse to process a credit card that doesn't have your name on it. Usually when my wife lets me use hers (which I've told her credit card companies will let you order one with your spouse's or relative's name on it).

I am not sure about a suspended license but an expired license is not a valid form of identification. Do you realize how much money a single Walmart has to take a loss on every week?

The numbers would bring you to your knees! Walmart is a big company and can probably recover but it's the principle of the matter. Then again, even small losses can add up. Plus, employees who do their job can miss out on bonus money because of that.

Yes, Walmart gives bonuses for doing your job well after you have been there for long enough. Walmart has to do all it can to protect its money from dishonest people. Yeah, the people who literally bust their tails for you, the customer, do get bonuses. That might mean being strict about identification and credit card transactions because as a former call center rep for a credit card company, the person whose CC you hit isn't the only victim of fraud.

The merchant is affected too.

Yeah, I work for Walmart. That's how I know.

If a cop were to pull you over and you gave him or her your expired license, it's not going to be accepted and you'll get in trouble for driving without a license. The expiration date means THIS IDENTIFICATION IS VALID UNTIL THIS DATE and suspended means it is not valid at all for some time.

Tell me what happens if you try to use an expired credit or debit card.

The right thing for the business may not be the most convenient thing for the customer.


Walmart did the right thing. Who's to say that credit card belongs to anyone you know?

It doesn't have your name on it. And unless you can prove the card holder authorized the purchase (by being there) Walmart and the law consider it credit card fraud. Your father could easily say "I don't know who made that Walmart purchase I want the charge reversed" and that's it.

Walmart loses the money and the merchandise. So yeah, the person who's card it is needs to make the purchase.


An expired ID is an invalid form of identification despite your age being correct. They cannot accept it, and must refuse the sale if you do not carry any other forms of valid ID. Believe it or not, this is done nearly, if not, everywhere.


Anywhere you are asked to show proof of ID you are required to provide a VALID document and ANY expired document, no matter how pretty your picture is, is NOT A VALID ID.


ignore the constant trolls on walmart (paid to control the message and if not paid then they are pathetic losers that love walmart)


Telling the OP she is acting like a child when she is, is not trolling. What if someone took your credit card and said you authorized them to use it and they asked no questions, then you would be singing a different tune, and no one is paid to type comments.

First B

No one is trolling, and no one is being paid to post these comments by Walmart, this person simply complained because they were not allowed to use someone elses credit card which is reasonable, what would you say if someone stole your credit card and said that you gave it to them and bough a whole bunch of stuff because the store believed their story.


You must be very young to ASSume the people telling the truth are trolls paid by Walmart, does mommy know you are here? These people make valid points, the credit card was not hers so they won't accept it.

They cannot just take anyone's word and accept credit cards if they say they know the person. Someone could do that to your parents, steal their credit card and claim they know your parents and your parents are okay with them using the credit card. They can then spend thousands and thousands and your parents and you would have to live on the street.

This site is not for young ones like you, go find a teen chat room or something so you can talk with those your age. Most require that you have to be 13 to join because of COPPA laws so you would not be able to join them, but I am sure there are a few monitored chat rooms for people like you who are under 13.


Are you and your sister even old enough to use a credit card and buy tobacco? Are you even old enough to drive?

Maybe they thought her license was fake because she was acting far younger than the age to buy tobacco? They have rules and policies for a reason and since you don't realize this I wonder If your sister's license was real and if she is old enough to drive.


it does not matter if we are old enough to smoke, which we are, they were for my dad not her, if you knew how to read you would see we were making purchases for him.

First B

Well they still need you to be of age to buy them, anyone can claim they are buying for a parent.


Your complaint is ridiculous. There are laws.

How is your Dad disabled that he couldn't go with you and use a wheel chair or one of the electric carts? He must have some way of getting around at home.


He was outside smoking not that it is any of your business.


So, why couldn't he just come inside?