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I tried to complain to a manager about a cashier who obviously cannot read a coupon. The manager told me that the coupon was still at the register when I had already took it back from the cashier.

The cashier wanted to go against what the coupon actually said. The coupon said and I quote; FREE any Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites dog snack with purchase of any (2) TWO Milk-Bone dog snacks. The cashier attempted to charge me for something that was free in other words.

She was gonna give me $2.50 off when the coupon said FREE! This happened at store # 5174 in Semmes, AL where the managers have NO business ethics at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

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Alanhowell has problems. not only is he a crappy worker and customer, he's a crappy person.


You deserved to be fired. You also don't deserve to have your complaints taken seriously for being a lazy ***. Learn how to actually work for your money and maybe you'll gain some respect.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #428071

I would shop elsewhere but I want to give problems to the person who got me fired and the manager. Now that I am a customer I have that right.


just shop any where else. since y ran x employee wantng revange revange your complaint has no value. move on with you life


:cry Does no good to complain. When it comes down to it,if your in the click your ok.

But if you do your work your the worse person on earth. Wear spiked heels and go to store 294,central City Ky. TELL ME J....H...

works,Heel and all. She works the backroom with any co worker that wants to be promoted..GET MY DRIFT LADIES.


Well, alanhowell, you sound like a man with a huge chip on your shoulder and envious of anyone smarter than you---which is probably everyone else on the planet. You will always be a minimum wage peon with an attitude like yours.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #427656

Actually I used to work there and I am hoping to get this cashier fired because she got me fired for time fraud. She tattled on me that I was on the clock and sitting in the break room talking to my friends.

What effin business is it of hers.

It is the stores money I am cheating not hers. She just does not like young people who are under 25.


Even after your whining, I bet you're still shop there.

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