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Walmart was the first to start the bogus mandates of wearing a mask. They got the perpetual ball rolling.

Do your homework, turn off the T.V.

and mainstream media. Masks DO NOT WORK against covid, they only harm your health by recycling bacteria, a portion of your exhaled breath is breathed back in which is means reduced oxygen and carbon dioxide is re entering your lungs.

Thanks wal mart for taking the first step in directly causing more harm to people as well as violating basic rights for people to breath so that you can fit into the political arena backed by absolutely no science!

User's recommendation: Remember those who force stupidity on the public during this plandemic. When and if it ever gets over, go back to stores that respected your rights all along!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Another stupid comment from someone who thinks their "individual rights" has no connection with showing personal responsibility to the community they live in. The issue isn't whether masks are effective or not.

The issue is acting in a mature manner and being a team player to do your part to help stop the spread.

Get over yourself. You're not special.


How have your lockdowns and face diapers helped so far? That's your plan for stopping a plandemic?


It's the people that insist and not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing that are driving the surge in covid cases. We'll see if your tune changes if you come down with covid.


I've already had it. Sick for three days!

Im not selfish enough to make everyone else stay isolated at home isolated, or restrict their breathing. Eventually you will see that this has nothing to do with covid!


The political issue and saving our freedom is more than a thousand times more important than any value to wearing masks, which is actually a detriment overall. Even though masks may prevent your exhaled air from projecting as far in front of you, as you walk through a store you leave just the same amount of air behind you in the aisles.

This smoke video shows that the air and smoke and viruses leave your mouth and go out into the air, mask or no mask. And a virus is about 1/10 the size of a smoke particle. Masks can contribute to bacterial buildup.

Wearing them is detrimental more than beneficial.

@Jeanita Ccc

Amen brother!

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