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My son received a gift of an Xbox One for his Birthday, it took 4 days to be delivered from, and he received it 10 days later for his birthday. We connected it and it was defective out of the box.

Walmart's position is they only offer 14 day return on Electronic's and they will not take it back. So Rule of thumb, dont buy any electronics from Walmart, especially as a gift.

Additionally, their customer service sucks, and are completely unaccommodating.

We are talking 20 days from Purchase, not 2-3-4 months. They also have no care about keeping customers.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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This information may come in handy. Best Buy and Fry's also adapts a 15-day return policy.

It would also seem this kind of shortened return policy may be spreading to other businesses as well. It is unfortunate.

Because of all the baddies, all the good people like you and I must suffer restraints like this.

Then again, I was raised where everyone was punished for one's bad deed, so it's nothing new to me.


For an adult you sure have poor math skills 20 days is more than 14 days this is something learned in kindergarten that 20 is more than 14. If you got it within ten days why did you not return it within ten days?


Because smart aleck it was not defective until the ten days alter. He had a sleepover with a friend and he took the Xbox one to the friend's house, and he was getting ready to bring his stuff home and left it outside along with his backpack and pillow.

We went to pick him up and he forgot about the Xbox one and it rained which caused the system to become defective.

It was not defective until 19 days later and we tried to return it the next day. Now my son has a gift he cannot use.


That is not you started in the original review, in the original review you stated that you took it out of the box and it became defective. Now you are saying that it was working fine until your son took it to a friends house?


Looks like I have to tell you every little detail of what happened, every little detail about my life. Okay so I will tell you, it was my son's ninth birthday, and he was grounded for after his birthday because he made a big fuss over a gift he did not like, he was rude about it and sulked so we grounded him for nine days.

He wanted to play the games at his friend's house but they changed their plans, he was home sick and missed his father so he forgot about the Xbox One. He was also hungry because for breakfast they had something he did not like, it rained that day this was when we realized that he left the Xbox one at the friends house. He said he left it on the front porch so he would not forget about it. He hid it so it would not be stolen, so when he went to get his backpack and pillow it was not visible.

We went back to get his backpack and it was raining so the box got wet and the Xbox one got defective, (he had opened it out to look at it). Do you want to pry more into my life? Do you want to know why I got divorced? Do you want to know my full name and address?

Do you want my phone number? Do you want to know what school I graduated from?

Do you want to know what I do for a living. *** you are nosey.


Ummmmmm..... I don't think Walmart is responsible for the rain.

Especially since it was you son who left it there. And you are really over reacting towards this whole situation, you should be pissed at your son not walmart and you shouldnt be pissed at the guy below me, he just wanted to know the real story because you said it was defective as soon as you got it and thats not what happened.

First Born Triplet

Maybe the OP wrote that comment about the rain, maybe it was a troll(which happens all the time). Keep in mind that the person replying to the other people's comments is not always the person who posts the reviews, sometimes it is some person or people who like to troll the site and cause arguments between the OP and others. Then again usually those trolls claim that getting bad service made them beat their wives and children so this could be the real McCoy.