Danbury, Wisconsin

My son needed new dress pants, and shoes. Because they are part of a uniform, they had to be a certain color. Wal- Mart is the only store in town that has children's clothing. They had black and gray dress slacks only, not the kackie I needed. As for the shoes all they had were black and I needed brown. Why Does wal- mart claim to have everything a person needs when they really don't?

Another thing. Why does a store run out of something they know they sell a lot of and often? It just doesn't make any sense.

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I know how you feel. My local Walmart doesn't have fresh alligator fillets.

WHAT @#$%ing never they have. I will never shop there again!!

HAHAH... some people are so petty and expect everything!!


So you're saying Walmart is at fault because your son's school has a crappy uniform? If Walmart's the only store in the area with kids clothing, then the school should have something set up so you can buy it through them.


your a friggin` ***

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