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I placed an order for delivery on Sunday for Monday evening, according to Walmart's "availability . I waited , and waited, and waited.

More than two hours after my hour long delivery window of time I had received nothing and no received no notification of not being able to delivery my order. I called the national service line for deliveries and the person rescheduled my order for the next day. It didn't come, and again, no notification. I placed the order a third time &;;;;;; still received nothing.

The local department mgr stated they were having a hard time getting drivers to sign up for working shifts. I get that makes it difficult, but if you can't make the deliveries, don't make appointments! Not a difficult concept I would think. If you have 70+ orders not getting delivered, get the managers out there doing it.

Don't leave someone like myself who is a diabetic at home without the food they need.

Ever heard of diabetic coma? You didn't even notify me so I could make different arrangements.

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