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I went to walmart and spent about 400 dollars on a supposed 10k chain, and a 10k ring for my girlfriend and i. We took it to a jeweler and come to find out it is 100 percent, not real.

I am livid. I want to burn down that place, especially when they acted like they dont partake in such fraudulent activities. And it really isnt the floor crews fault. They just work there.

So of course they dont know anything. I want to know who is responsible for putting fake gold out on the shelves, and sell it as real gold.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ring.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Did they tell you it is not real or did they tell you it is not 100% gold? 24K gold is solid gold while 10K gold is a mixture of about 41% gold and the remainder a mixture of other metals.

The mixture of other metals reduces the price of jewelry but in some ways can increase its durability.

You will find that as the karats in jewelry increase so does the percentage of gold. !8K jewelry would be 18 parts of gold with 6 parts of other metals.