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I purchased a gold necklace for my Husband at the Walmart in North Las Vegas, located at 1807 West Craig Road, phone number is (702) 633-6521. It cost approximately $280.00 and it was bought as an anniversary gift for him. Today (July 1, 2012) we took the same necklace to two different jewelry stores and was informed that the necklace is FAKE! The only real gold in the necklace is the 10K stamped clasp! The rest of the necklace can be picked up by a magnet.

I am in total shock! This necklace has been on his neck since the day I gave it to him - has never been taken to any jewelry store or repair shop - and it is totally impossible that it has been switched by someone else (we live alone and do not have guests) - but the fact remains the same - he has NEVER taken it off since the day I gave it to him.

I will do whatever I can to make sure that the world knows what type of quality jewelry - or should I say DOWN RIGHT FAKE AND FRAUDULENT gold that Walmart is selling to its customers.

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Hi Kate, I would like to be a part of your class action lawsuit. Please contact me at if it's not too late.

My daughter had a mother's ring made for me after I survived a life threatening DVT, double pulmonary embolism and numerous trips to the hospital for renal failure, sepsis and anemia in 2016. The doctors weren't sure I was going to make it. Because I did the ring was a symbol of the kid's love for me but soon after the gold around the ring started to fade off. That's how I knew it wasn't real like they told her.

Even the receipt they gave her assures it is authentic gold. It's sad and I feel bad for her but it's Walmart's fault. I used to trust them.

If I can't trust them about this what else can I not trust them about? It would be best to buy from a real jewelry store or a pawn shop than take a chance with places like Walmart unless you don't mind fake jewelry.


Same thing happened with me. My boyfriends neck was green after a month.


I bought my junk at the Duarte, California Wal-Mart. Gold filled does not tarnish, but their junk is gold plated, and it says gold filled on their tag, and product.


Give the attorney name and number and then class action suit.


Walmart gold is exactly what they advertise. Other jewelry companies lie lie and lie to protect their overpriced jewelry.

It is called greed.

Walmart has never advertised it's chains as SOLID gold.

A magnet test is not even a good test to see what the base metal is. For instance a copper base metal would not be detected as a base metal with a magnet test.

When you buy gold the only test for purity is an acid test.

@Charles Sapienza

That's complete and utter *** any retailer who sells jewelry must state on the piece of jewelry or on the tag what the piece contains.. if it is gold it will say 10kt......

if it is gold over silver it will say 925 which is the indicator for Sterling silver then 10kt.. Wal-Mart in fact sells take jewelry that is advertised as really 100 percent gold..

and they will be sued because of it believe me.. so pass that along to your bosses and I have loads of proof that they are cheating people myself including.


Kate my name is Jean and I today had this imbarrising situation occur.I purchased for my birthday a gold figurro necklace even up graded to a cuban linked chain which totaled me 427 dollars. Which was in april.Today, I walk into a pawn shop for a 100 dollar loan and was refused in front of many customers and told it was fake.I have returned it and explained to the store manager of the situation.I mentioned i would be apeaking to a lawyer.It was embarrasing and iI was scared as *** I wouldnt get my money back and now god knows when it will return in my no money and no chain which left me eating spagetti with breakfast sausages for dinner.

And I hope walmaet and laywers see this and really think after the laugh about my dinner.. Im highly upset and hope someone will u see I googled to see if this happens' and found this thanks please update me on how you were compensated for your teoubles.thankyou .


We need to tell the Media.

@Charles Sapienza

I've even taken Walmart jewelry to Jewlers, when marked 10k and attracts magnet, it's not gold. Gold is never mixed with an magnetic material. You really should learn before writing bull.


you lie and should disclose who you work for!




Did walmart give you your money back or offer anything after you posted this on the web cause that's really messed up!!


That is totally wrong. 10k gold and any gold jewelry will not be able to be picked up by a magnet unless it is PLATED or GOLD FILLED. If it is actually 10k gold it will NOT have any iron in the piece and will NOT be able to be moved or picked up by a magnet.


Not true i had a hollow 10kt chain an it was barely picked up by a magnet.. took it to a jewelry store to sell they confirmed it was real an got 40 bucks for it


You know that 10k hollow gold is real an can be picked up buy a magnet lol


Gold plate will fade very quickly. If it were fake, you would have seen it before you ever used a magnet on it.

Why would you ask a jewelry store if it was fake?

They are not interested in your necklace. They are interested in getting you to spend money with them. It is a well known fact that some jewelry stores are less than honest when it comes to 'competition'.

I had a jeweler tell me my diamond was not real, when we were discussing a band I wanted to add to my ring. I picked out my stone, and I know how to use a loupe and diamond tester.

He pissed me off so much. All he wanted was to sell me a 'real' diamond.

They are unscrupulous. You want to know if your chain is real?

Go to a pawn shop. They have no interest in selling you.


Do you have something that states that it is solid gold or gold plated or just gold color? Also how many carats.

This info would help your case a lot if you can prove that what they sold you was misrepresented. Otherwise you may not have a case.

At this point they may be able to say that they never said it was what you think it is.

Just a suggestion.


I found out yesterday that my rings i paid 300 for on sale are fake. Im pissed.


They can sell it as "gold" even if it's just plated gold. I'm impressed after years of wearing it and him not ever taking it off that it hadn't chipped, etc. That's some great quality fake gold or plating!


I bought a $375 necklace from walmart in fairlawn va.I wore it for a month and noticed it was turning green .So i took it back to Walmart with the receipt.They had enough nerve to tell me ths necklace did not come from them.They sent the necklace off to have it fixed but Walmart repair sent it back still messed up with a letter stating that the necklace never came from Walmart.I lost the money fitter the necklace bc I Broke it in a bunch of pieces and threw it at the cashier.

Now walmart has a different person who sells them jewelry bc their last distributor was selling them fake jewelry.

Now when I buy any gold I carry a jewelers loop and strong magnet.