Graham, Texas

I was at Wal Mart in Graham ,Texas this afternoon tripped over a pallet at side walk sale. I injured my leg, knee, and hands two young men notified manager I waited a

Close to 15 min.

In 103 heat trying to get my l

Knee to quite bleeding before the Asst. manage came out, she walked up to me just stood there never ask if I was ok or need anything just said you can file a complaint if you want i said yes I do and would like to have a band aid to help stop the bleeding....she turned walked away 20 mins. Later after my sister went into the store and bought band aides I saw her in the store ,she shoved a form in my face and said I had to fill it out. I ask where my band aide was she said ohh, I'm getting that next.

Never offered to help me, or anything to help stop the bleeding, nothing......

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Forgive my previous comment. I was up all night raping my daughter and had to fight to hold her down.


So your ignorant and couldn't watch where you were going and somehow that's Wal-Marts fault? My advice, besides watching where you are walking, get your happy butt up and walk it off! My God your an adult, act like it!


I can't believe Walmarts total disregard for the welfare of their customers. What if it had been a child and they needed stitches.

I take walks everyday and I am so annoyed when kids ride their bikes on the side walk and kids are skate boarding on the side walks.

Sometimes just walking into Walmart is like an obstacle course. Then you have these people texting on their cell phones that will run you over we do have to watch where we are walking carefully since there are so many ignorant people out there putting stuff in the way on side walks that are made for WALKING!


This is not Walmarts fault.You should have been watching were you were going.People walk by these pallets all day and Guess what they never trip and Fall because they are aware of were they are walking.Place a bandaide on your knee and Keep on going.Next time watch were you are walking.Walmart does not owe you one red cent.The nerve of some people.


I am old and I have fallen several times because I am so fat. I'm sorry that happened to you. I know how those pallets jet out they should not be out on the side walk the side walk is for walking not storing pallets.


How much are you looking for ($$$$$$)?

How much do you think they should pay you because you can't watch where your going?


The assistant manager wasn't a medical professional. You really have to watch where you are going.

You sound like you wanted to be babied. The only way you could have tripped over a pallet was if it was empty and you didn't see it.

If it had stuff piled on it, you should have been able to see it.