Merritt Island, Florida
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It is Wal-Mart policy to treat EVERYONE they come into contact with as rudely and as abusively as they possibly can. As I was standing in the checkout line at the Merritt Island Wal-Mart on 7/15/05 , two Wal-Mart employees named Lorna and Kathy came up and said very threatening that I stalked somebody.

Would not let me speak, called me a liar ,and asked if I was an epileptic retard.

At that point, I almost had a panic attack due to my health . I know no one reading this will believe me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sorry you had such a bad experience with the walmart employee's. I just want to let you know that there is a loser, some mall cop or something going behind these post and heckling the poster.

He will call you a first or second grader and continue with that. He has nothing else to do. Disregard his post, don't even read it.

He lives to provoke people. So, go have a great day and know thousands of others hear you and agree!


Liar I am not a mall cop. You yourself are acting like you are in the second grade. Also stocking me you must be bored.


Well it if isn't ladyscott. Yes right now I am bored. This is being to be alot of fun and look forward to

Chatting with you.


I am not Lady Scot. But I see the people running the site have favorites and allow them to bully and harass.

Well people have contacted the police about this unprofessional site, they are investigating and this site is breaking laws according to them. They are still investigation but soon your friends who are running the site will be prosecuted and held accountable for their actions.


Thanks, I contacted a lawyer after this. Check out the website www.

Flex Your Rights .com. On it , there are two Dvds called 10 Rules For Dealing With Police and Busted : A Citizen's Guide To Surviving Police Encounters


Thanks my girlfriend is the one who is causing these problems. She got a restraining order against me and I cannot go to her place of work.

I knew she had Monday`s off so I went that day because she would not be at work. I asked her friends Lorna and Kathy if she was at work they said no, so I shopped and got kicked out because I was banned.

But My girlfriend was not working that day. Okay maybe they did not call me a epileptic retard but they were thinking it and that is just as bad.