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At two differant store locations in Las Vegas Nevada me and my fiancee' have been approached and accused of steeling, one store said they had me on tape steeling and stated they told me to never come back to the store, I advised him the LP Rodney is his name on centenial pkwy, one I have never stolen from walmart or any other store, and he dont have me on tape, two--I never talked to him not even once. I demanded him to bring me the tape and show me what he has, him and his boss left came back of course with no tape and stated he couldnt show us the tape only the police or courts could get them, I said call the police then I will wait.

he refused and asked us to leave. As of right now me and my fiancee' are in the proccess of fileing a law suit against wal-mart for so many different cases, false acusation-slander-defimation of caricter-emotional distress-and a few others, we are asking for anyone that has had this happen to them recently to please responde to our email and let us know if you would like to join this suit, this could become a class action suit and it will be won hands down. You just can not approach anyone and accuse them of shop lifting or anything unless you see it happen, and I garuntee they have and seen nothing with me or my fiancee'.

our email is we really hope to hear from alot of people quick as possible. and yes we are so pissed right now, we are never going to shop at walmart again.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Don't know if you can win this case. It is all heresay.

You would need to prove that security accused you of stealing.

If you are innocent they can deny ever following you out saying you are just stirring up trouble. If guilty you would look foolish.