Last week on Tuesday I went into my local Walmart to pick up the movie *House at the end of the street*-(blue-ray + digital copy) because it was slated to be out that day I did not see it on any shelf.I then proceeded to ask certain employees around the area where the movie was and not many of the workers could give me a straight answer,even though they had it evident on their movie list around the electronic area that it was suppose to be out for sale. Later that day I contacted the 1-800 customer service thing on this and I was then told by the woman I spoke to that they supposed release date for the movie had been changed at the last minute and I was like * are you fricken kidding me*.

I then pointed out to her on the phone that they date for the *blue-ray + digital copy* was still showing the 8th as the release date and I told her that Walmart should of followed through on keeping that release date,instead of changing dates like they do because to me that's wrong. Not to mention here Walmart could also be held accountable for falsely advertising a product that they weren't gonna sale right away

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DVDS/BLUE-RAYS/VIDEOS GAMES you name it have a universal released date in the United States of America when sold at a STORE. The issue wasn't WAL-MART it was the company that produces that specific item.

Only they can change the date. Who buys a movie like that on the exact day it suppose to come out anyways.

Wait a freaking 3+ months and buy it for half the price. It's not like your going to watch it more than 1 to 2 times in the next 3 years.

Seattle, Washington, United States #593823

You should realize that it probably wasn't Walmart's decision to delay the release. If you should be mad at anyone, it should probably be whoever the distributor of the movie is.

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