I went to walmart.com to purchase a graphics card for my PC because we have a walmart credit card, so it was easier for us. I found a great deal on there for a Zotac GTX GDDR5 video card and bought it.

I came back today to check on the shipping status and realized that neither of those claims are true for the specific card I bought. It is not a GTX gpu, which is the best gpu for gaming, but the standard GT model. It also does not have GDDR5 memory, but ddr3 sdram, which is a major problem for me.

Both of those specs make a video card worthwhile or not and I was deceived into buying it. DO NOT BUY GRAPHICS CARDS FROM WALMART.COM!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Naples, Florida, United States #601036

So...you bought something in error.

to LadyScot Sacramento, California, United States #601122


No. The website is specifically advertising the item as a Zotac GeForce GTX 630 4gb GDDR5 Synergy Edition 2.0.

The item that is coming to me is a Zotac GT 630 4gb DDR3 SDRAM Synergy Edition 2.0, which means it is not a GTX or GDDR5 as advertised when I bought it. I found this out by looking up the model number listed on the item page on the manufacturers website and it comes back as the latter GT model.

I was duped into buying the card because it is listed as a GTX model with GDDR5 memory when in actuality, that's not what I will be receiving. So no, I didn't buy something in error.

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