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On Saturday Feb 14 it was advertised on that Bumblebee Chicken Salad w/ crackers was on sale for 1.00 per case due to roll back. I ordered two cases and paid a total of 7.98 with shipping. I check out the order today (Sunday) and see that the weight is not correct on the Fedex site. I call and am told that it was a typo on the site and they will not honor the price they had advertised. Instead of contacting me about the issue, they sent me 2 individual packages which is what what I would normally get for 2.00. I was told that I would only get a refund if I refused the order and it would take up to 7 days for the refund to show up. Then they sent me an email to sign stating I will refuse the order and once I sign the refund process will begin.

Ive had issues with before and swore I would never shop there again. But when I heard of this deal I could not pass it up.

Not only do they ship out what they want without contacting me, I feel they should have to honor the sale as it was stated on the website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: Service, Customer service, False advertising.

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I just placed an order for $150 of online purchases that I know will not be honored. Each item is advertised at exactly $1.00.

One example is a 36,000 BTU A/C Only split unit heat pump. This one is obviously a typo. Many other items from my order would obviously sell for over a hundred dollars and a few of them would normally cost multiple hundreds of dollars.

I placed the order expecting to have it cancelled without any notice from Walmart because I have low expectations of the vast majority of corporate personnel. Sometimes, a little common sense is all it takes to realize that something is very wrong with what appears to be a good thing.


They currently are advertising a dash camera with 32 megabyte memory card included 41695 I ordered 3 and all they sent me was the memory card claiming no responsibility for the false advertising but if I want to take the time I can send the cards back and get a refund


You HAD to know it was a typo! I don't shop at Wal Mart as a matter of conscience BUT I'm on their side regarding your complaint.




if you normally get one pack for a dollar,Why would you think that you can get 12 for one dollar? LOL this is your very own mistake


It was Walmart, the ad looked real so I (and a lot of others) thought we had found a really good deal. If there was any indication that the ad was not real, I wouldnt have done it.

I dont see how its my fault for not being able to see what the person really meant. I took it at its face value.


Maybe you should have shown a parent the ad before getting your hopes up. An adult like your parents would know this was a mistake, but a three year old like yourself with less experience would not.


You should have used the brain the good Lord gave you and been able to figure out you wouldn't receive 12 boxes for $1.00. You should also have been able to figure out it was a type. Anybody should be able to figure that out.


Really? And how was I to know that when it clearly said Rollback?

Maybe they ordered too many and wanted to get rid of them. If you cant be nice, then shut up.


No need to be rude when you are the one making the mistakes. Do your parents know you posted this review?


No need to be rude when you are the one making the mistakes. Do your parents know you posted this review?


I apologize for telling you to shut up. I cant tell what it should have said.

I saw what it did say and took it as face value. Did I know it was a great deal? Sure did, thats why I ordered some. Did I ever question Walmart as to why they were on sale?


As long as they arent expired, I dont care. Just pass the savings on to me and I took it.


Did you apologize on your own or did mommy or daddy see this post and tell you to apologize? Did they explain to you that you were mistaken or do you still insist you are right?