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bought a straighttalk 5 mo ago with unlimited card. couldn,t access 411.

all the unlimited refill cards I,ve bought say unlimited calls to 411, including the one i bought today. called a straighttalk service rep and was told they disscontinued that service months ago, told me the new # was 1 800 555 1212, recording says service unavailable. is there legal recource? I use 411 alot.

it was a selling point when i bought the phone.

my phone fits in my shirtpocket; the 5 pound phonebook doesn,t. too busy in real life for the walmart corporate automated recording calls.

Monetary Loss: $111.

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Suzi, most likely with this person's lack of understanding the English language(as you can see from his many spelling and grammar errors) he or she did not understand what features were included and are assuming that it was false advertizing. People who spell like six year old's are not taken seriously.


Some comments made here doesn't help.

The reason this consumer is complaining is legit. They advertise something... even if you don't use it, it should still be available.

And Ben - your comment was totally not fair nor called for. Really - I worked for those cell companies that make you sign a contract. HAVE YOU REALLY READ YOURS? - I have excellant credit and refuse to bind myself into a contract that will cost me more in the end ... Just because others are doing it does not mean those that don't are wrong. Really - oh and if you had great credit before your cell phone.. might want to check it out they love to get you on your way out.. again READ your CONTRACT.... if you did you would be on


i know what yor talking about when you dont have access to phone books or like so called bruceand duh and pulltype that pretty much are always at computers not doing much has access but when yor in the middle of the road with 50,0000 pounds under you sure just google who cares about the other people out on the roads


4-1-1? Can you get me the number for 9-1-1?


Duh....To answer your question, deadbeats with crappy credit and can't get a real phone like batman2012 here!!!


Who uses 411?


Use your computer to look up phone numbers.

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