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WE were having a thanksgiving get together. I was required to bring the snacks. There was a sign that said buy 3 packs of chips for $8. Well we only needed five packs. I was charged almost $15 for five packs of chips. I told them that this is false advertising. I told them that they should be charging $2.66 per package instead of $3.17. They then showed me a receipt where I was charged $3.17 for the first two packages and told me that it was already calculated and I was only charged $1.66 for the third bag, yet for bag four and five I was charged $3.17. They told me that if I bought a sixth package then I would get the sale price. At this point my 12 year old daughter interupped and I told her to shut up or she would have to stay home alone when we went to my sister's for thanksgiving. Needless to say we had to return the two packages because they were ripping off. I asked for their skanning code of pratise and they said it did not apply since the price was not wrong. I told them the price was wrong, they refused to budge. This incident made me so angry that when my 2 year old had a dirty diaper I slapped him. Several people called the pigs(cops) on me and they visited my home during thanksgiving. They asked my daughter if this happened and because she was still angry at me(two days later) she told them yes that I had slapped my son for having a dirty diaper. My husband backed me up and said that never happened but they belived my daughter and those other people and threatened to have my children(though I did not touch my daughter) put in a foster home and me sent to anger management.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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First Born Triplet
Toronto, Ontario, Canada #791259

Your husband may have backed you up but they could have checked the cameras child beater.

Slickville, Pennsylvania, United States #735376

Trolling guys, come on Thanksgiving is not until next month. This was posted early October.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #732864 many sites? Enough to get in your head....thats how many.....


Lets look at the details. The sign said "3 packs of chips for $8." It did not say "1 pack of chips for $2.66." Here we see three signs of trash: 1) Bringing chips to Thanksgiving 2) Shopping at Wal-Mart 3) Failure to understand basic English 4) Hitting a child (BONUS!!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #731951

Thats the problem anonymous....they just dont...its like a blight on society.....


Please stop breeding.

Naples, Florida, United States #731807

Sale prices of 2 for, 3 for, etc ONLY apply when you BUY the ADVERTISED number. You are simply a mess and your kids should be taken away from you.


I think you should have slapped your daughter too for being a *** like mommy


Don't blame somebody else because you took your anger out on your children. Slapping a 2 year old for messing their diaper!? Why do I feel like this wasn't the first time???


But did you remember to get daddy the malt liquor? and a new pair of wife beaters


Your kind gives walmart a bad name.

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