Melbourne, Florida
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They advertise sugar free oatmeal in their stores in Melbourne Florida, this is total BS, they have not had in these stores for the past year. They also advertise sugar free ice novelties that they also never have.

If you ask about these items they tell you that they are sold out at present, total BS, if they sell that well would you think they be out for a year. This goes to show that the stores and corporate could care less about the customers request. Well thank god for PUBLIX.

You ask for something at PUBLIX AND THEY GET THEM IN FOR YOU.

Steven McLellan

Monetary Loss: $20.

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If you couldn't spend the money on product that doesn't exist how did this cost you $20?


Merchandise may vary from store to store.


IF you like Publix so well shop there and quit complaining about WalMart. However, I looked on their website and they do have sugar free oatmeal in the fancy flavors, instant.

That being said the fancy instant oatmeals aren't as good for people. They also have sugar free oatmeal in the regular, basic oatmeal. As far as the sugar free ice novalties as you call them goes, mine always has them. It might not always be exactly what you want, but I can always find something in that line.

Look on the Blue Bunny web site and you will find several sugar free ice things listed then look for them on the WalMart website and most of the time it will tell you what is available in certain stores.

It is real easy and not really anything important to complain about. If that was the only thing in life I had to worry about I would be lucky.