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When times are tight and then you come across an ad that offers a great product for a great price, only to see it is false is sad. I didn't think Walmart would take part in the great "click bait" ads all over Facebook...but they do.

An NES Classic Edition Sponsored Ad for $59.88, then click on the link to be taken to the Walmart site and see the product selling for $264.99.

.I. Walmart, I am not *** and realize this product would probably cost more than what I was seeing, but why are attempting to take advantage of so many people, and making yourselves look like crooks in the process?

Product or Service Mentioned: Nintendo Video Game Console.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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This is a marketplace vendor not Walmart read the other member's comment as well.


lets sue walmart because walmart is charging more then msrp in order to make a record profit so lets sue walmart for the profit they make


So it's false advertisement because you refuse to do some actual reading? I looked myself and seen that quite a few vendors were selling the system for around that price. Did you?


Wal-Mart itself does sell those for $59.99 when they have them in stock. The higher priced systems you are are not actually sold by Wal-Mart, it's a part of their "Marketplace" where they allow independent vendors to sell their own products, just like Amazon does.

These vendors set their own prices based on supply and demand.

I don't like Wal-Mart as a whole, but if you see a higher price than usual on the website, look a little harder at that page and you'll see the name of another vendor who is actually selling it.


I agree. I have been in a battle with them over a tv that is advertised on there app for a different price then they want to sell it for.

I'm thinking about a bbb complaint and maybe a lawsuit. It's false advertisement and that's against the law


No it isn't.


Exactly what law is that?


Exactly how is that false advertising?