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So last week, while visiting the local Walmart, I bought a one gallon jug of HiC Juice for my kids. I've bought it many times, always paying $1.97 per gallon. I always buy it at Walmart because it is cheaper there, than it is at any grocery store in town.

Today I was at the same Walmart, and noticed that on one of the end caps, they had the HiC Juice, priced at $1.97, with a sign saying it's a Roll Back Price, and that the previous price was $2.50.

How can they lie? I don't care if they consider that an advertising tactic or not. This is lying to the customers, in hopes that the customers will purchase the product in mass quantity, thinking it's on sale, because most people do not pay attention to the price.

I will be contacting Walmart Corporation to file my complaint regarding this and expressing my dissatisfaction with their tactics.

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At some Walmarts I notice that the rollbacks are there for months. So this is not false advertising. For example during summer, sometimes for three months, the may have ice cream on rollback.


Bushes beans are the one thing I buy that is always under $1. Today they had it marked rollback price at $1. Wish I had a better store close enough to shop at.


I have seen this myself just recently too on a different product.


Wal mart is scamming people. The die hard wal mart lovers will do anything to disprove that. They are supposed ked into wal marts scams.


They do lie. I have been buying a certain brand of coffee from the same Walmart since it came onto the market.

Today while buying my coffee I noticed a rollback price of $5.94 down from the original $6.98. The coffee has always been $5.99 a blatant fib :)


They raised the price silly child. The old price was $5.99 but it was raised.

Ask your parents about inflation. Why when your parents were your age it probably cost $2.


I agree with you. When I was a child, we used to always look forward to when the sno-cone man would drive down our street in the summer.

The sno-cones were 35cents each and they were very delicious. Nowadays, when the ice cream man comes by you better take about five dollars with you at the prices they charge.


Walmart dose this all the time. Take it from someone that works there. We will see things put on roll back for the same price they have always been.


They did not lie ***. It was on sale for a while now. Grow up.


Duh, well of course its ok to beat your children because they're upset....are you KIDDING ME!? Any child would be upset by this, and this is normal behavior for a young child.

The difference between a good and bad parent is patience, and understanding, obviously you have neither, and I doubt Walmart is going to accept responsibility for you not being able to control your anger, and hitting your child.

Your an idot, and Iam not sure why you wasted time posting this. You seem to be more upset by the fact that you have to attend much needed anger management, than the pricing issue, and are trying to pass the blame onto Walmart.


Though that person is acting childish, they did not make that post about beating their children. There is a regular poster here (Tasha) Kevin Richards. They are the ones making that post.


Zachary you are ***, I did not make the comment by that name Frugalconsumer. Someone else did.


It's probably complaint265? Either that or the letter writer has issues. It could be the same person writing these letters she does it to Wal-mart.


FragrantNumbat apparently has no life or anything else going on so is going on everyone's complaints and disrespecting and slandering people. He will also comment under your profile name and make up false accounts which if you click on his username and follow everything he post shows a pattern. He seems to talk in circles so I'm assuming there are some mental disabilities, maybe someone should be monitoring him.


Some of these people need to be bashed.


I've noticed. How much more immature and *** can one person get? :roll

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You beat your child, brag about it and call others immature?


Your obviously the one commenting under other people's name or log in id's and making up stories. That is called slander and is illegal. You really need to learn some respect, you should be in school child not on the internet.


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