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I ordered this phone after doing search for prepaid tmobile cell phone. This one (Straight Talk Samsung T528G GSM Prepaid Smartphone) was on the list and I thought the price looked good so I decided to order it and have a look at it as I need one that has a large dial paid and I couldn't see the picture of that.

I took it to tmobile when it arrived to have them switch my sim card and they told me I could not use this with tmobile. (THEN WHY DID WALMART WEB SITE SHOW IT??????)

It has never been opened so I call Walmart for a return and a credit to my card for both the phone and the extra warranty I purchased. They said they could not give me a credit for the warranty and I insisted and told them I would not need it since the phone needs also to be returned. After some time they agreed on the warranty refund. But, they will not take back the phone. I was told to call Straight Talk as that is who it needs to be returned to. I made that call ands was on the line for about 45 minutes with a girl who kept asking me for the order number. I gave it to her 6 times and she kept arguing that was not the number. There are no other numbers on this invoice. She says since I do not have the right invoice number they cannot take the phone back and I should call Walmart. I am getting the buck.

I again call Walmart and ask for a supervisor and this girl want all the information again. SHe tells me she is transferring my call but instead disconnects me.

Again I call and have to repeat this information again to another person before he will transfer me. I finally get to the escalation supervisor but the connection is bad. She tells me she will call me right back. She never does. Been waiting 20 min for her "right back" call.

I call again and it took 10 min and I had to go through the whole explanation again. The girl I spoke with was able to resolve this and process my return.

It just irks me that it took so many people and so much of my time (apprx 2 hrs) to get this done.

I just think companies hire just anybody nowdays and really don't care if they do their jobs or not. If I were the boss their would be some heads rolling.

There is not monetary loss. Its just a loss of time which is more valuable than what I paid for this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prepaid Card.

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maybe now you learned to buy cell phones that are sold by your service provider. I think I'll just buy a Verizon phone and see if I can use it as a landline phone.


Straight Talk talk is a multi-carrier MVNO that retails Tmobile and At&T Sim Cards and has select CDMA Verizon phones as well in their lineup, Anon.


why would you think that you could get T-Mobile service with a Straight-Talk plan? Are you technologically challenged?