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Another Wal Mart complaint and unhelpful staff. The ad said $35.97 BUT

instead of charging the advertised price which I had a rebate for, Wal Mart in all its wisdom decided to lower the price and give me a gift card as an incentive to shop there in the future. So I didn't get the correct rebate and have a worthless certificate at a store I now HATE.

First person I called to complain to lied to me just to get me off the phone and never took care of the problem.

Two other incompetent employees basically said too bad, there's nothing we can do about it.

Shop there with caution. Their prices aren't even that cheap and Target will match their prices.

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I am reading my letter again. Last time my son was not with me. He is with me now an I just smacked him because I needed someone to smack.

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