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My local Walmart, via the corporate website and selecting the local store, advertised that on Black Friday, starting at 5AM they would have an item available for sale. I was there at 5AM and there were no items. The consumer complaint process at Walmart via the website is a farce.

Based on reading other posts at pissedconsumer.com it appears to have been more widespread than my local Walmart.

I am urging anyone else who took the time to visit Walmart based on their advertising, and found no items available, to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Please do so only if you were at the store before or on-time for when the item was to be available (of course).

I am hopeful the FTC will take action against Walmart for False Advertising and the agency/courts will levy a very hefty fine on Walmart. This can only occur if enough of us file complaints against Walmart.

I will be passing this word on the several more websites. Please join me in this effort. Even if you wee not a victim personally, please feel free to spread the word so those that were decieved can file complaints.

The FTC complaint form can be accessed at:


Happy Holidays everyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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It will be difficult to prove false advertising since false advertising is intentional and intended to mislead. I work at a small Wal-Mart.

Lets say, for example, my distribution center receives 50 iPads. There is no reason to send a small store any iPads at all and send all 50 to a high volume store that will surely sell them all. Yes, it will make some people mad, but we all know Wal-Mart isn't worried about that. Also, read the fine print in the ad.

Every ad says that not every store will have everything in the ad, but I can't really blame everybody for not reading the fine print. I really hope something on a large scale is done because I am getting really tired of defending my greedy employer against people who fail to read the small print and pay attention to the details.


I had the same thing happen on Thanksgiving. They advertised that the sale would start at 8PM and anyone in line for the first hour after the sale started would recieve a voucher to purchase the item at the same price.

We arrived an hour early to make sure we were in the line and were told that they had handed out the "wristband" vouchers and that we were out of luck. At the very least their AD was decietful. I will not shop at Walmart again. I have no problem paying a little more to deal with honest local businesses.

Oh, and by the way Simon, People looking for deals are not always "broke loosers" you show your ignorance with a statement like that. Multi-millioniares have money because they shop smart and are frugal with their money. If I want a high quality item I will pay a reasonable price and buy it somewhere besides Wal-Mart.

I just wanted a cheap 70" T.V. for a teenager's entertainment room.


Actually, by posting on a forum where anybody can comment on what you say, you did ask for his opinion.


Sale items might be over by the time..


Everyone beware of this happening.

When the posting looks like it is done by an uneducated kid or purposely slandering the OP, it is likely written by someone in Walmart corporation.

This website does not do enough in removing posts that do not stick with the topic.


You are 54 and you say things like you hope I get in a car accident and end up paralyzed for life because I don't agree with your complaint?

I feel so sorry for your children.


You think I am eight well loser you are wrong. Does an eight year old have the ability to file a FTC complaint no you dummy they don't.

You sound dumb as my ex wife Simon. Get it Ex wife. This means I was married. This means I am over eight.

I am 54. Infact my youngest child is 14 years old.


LMAO. You're too funny.

I'm assuming from your reply that you're 8 years old. What were you doing at Wal-Mart without an adult at 5am?


Shut up They might have had. I never asked for your opinion.

If you did this you deserve to have all the people around you who you loved die, and your car repossed and your home taken away from the government so you can be lonely and only have the item you bought by carrying it in a cart around for five hours.

You shut up too Simon. I hope you get into a car accident and end up paralized for life.


Wal-Mart did nothing wrong. I bet there were people who lined up at 10pm the night before and got tickets for the items.

Even if Wal-Mart didn't do this, there still would have been a line ahead of you and you wouldn't have gotten your item. Good luck with your FTC complaint.

You are wasting your time complaining about this. If you want to get a good Black Friday item, you better camp out of the store the night before like the rest of the broke losers.


With it being Walmart - and open 24 hours, more than likely - they may well have had a few of them and people who were there BEFORE 5 may have picked them up and carried them around in their shopping carts until the sale actually started at 5. I have heard of a lot of people doing this.