Beware Sault Ste. Marie, MI Walmart &

managers Deshon Moorehead and Chris Herbert

Today, 8-26-12 at 6:49pm, my wife went to the local walmart for 28 items. She picked up one package (12 count) of Scott toilet paper for $3.98 with a $1.00 off (use now) coupon affixed to each package. When she got home, she told me walmart was having a good sale on toilet paper, so I decided to drive into town to stock up. Upon arrival was a large floor stand of Scott toilet paper with a clearly marked sign which read "$3.98." So, I removed the coupons and filled my cart with the paper.

When I got to the check-out line, each roll rang up at the advertised $3.98. After the coupons were included, the total was $59.80 plus tax, but the cashier's screen said, "manager approval required." She assumed it was due to a large number of coupons being used. When the managers, Keshon Moorehead and Chris Herbert, arrived, they said the sign was wrong and the item should have been $9.47. They said (lied) that only the sign was wrong, but the correct price was in the computer system. I explained that I had just watched the cashier ring up the items at $2.98 each. I also explained that about an hour earlier, my wife had purchased the same item for $2.98 prompting me to make a 2nd trip to town (see attached sales receipt which clearly states Scott 12 pack / $3.98 less $1.00 coupon.

Chris and Keshon put their collective minds together and concluded that I could have only one package of the item at the advertised price. I feel they should have honored the advertised price. If it was a mistake, it wasn't mine. I also had considerable time and expenses associated with my trip to the store solely for this one item. I asked if they could sell me the items at the advertised price and then correct their mistake. They said, "NO." I asked them if they would pay for my time and gas. They said, "NO." I asked them if they thought they were being fair. They said (no kidding), "if you're going to be argumentative and combatant, we'll have to ask you to leave before we call the police."

Holy smokes! These two geniuses' lie, threaten slighted customers, and apparently mislabel the cost of their products. What more could these two "rocket scientists" have done to create a more unpleasant shopping experience??? At least they didn't spit on me as I left empty handed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #567657

The last time some Mal-Mart *** threatened to have the cops called on me because I complained about their fuckered-up system...and this is just advice...neither good nor bad...the last time I was threatened to be escorted from the store by cops I just looked them in the eye and said "GO FOR IT. They might be VERY interested to hear that you attempted to rip me off and

threatened me on top of it...oh and so will my ATTORNEY!!! And he has NO LOVE FOR WAL-MART!"

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #536250

Wow, are you preparing for world warIII?lol just kidding. Anyway.

WM management

Seems very rehearsed in saying no to customers. I Think they are under a lot of pressure to keep profits high and customer satisfaction low.

If customers are happy than something is wrong and that store is probably red flagged. Sounds crazy but it may be true.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #535578

It really seems like the complaining consumer was being plain old greedy. You aren't the only person shopping.

I don't like it one bit when the "coupon queens" grab everything and then they rest of us cannot even have ONE.


Hey Joan you're missing the point!


Scott Toilet tissue has a tendency to be extremely cheap, but even at it's low price I would never expect to get a 12 pkg. for that low of price.

Myself I won't use the stuff, and I am far from wealthy. My thought is if it was such a good sale, why didn't you wife stock up while she was in the store, being distance seemed to be such a big concern of yours?

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