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I went online to about 2 weeks ago and noticed a special of Pepsi products for $5.00 a case. I went to my local Walmart and they said they DO NOT HONOR ONLINE PRICES.

I asked why, they said because the online prices would always be cheaper. I was pretty pissed. They suggested ordering it online. I went back to the website and there is NO WAY TO ORDER IT ONLINE!!

Or any other grocery items.

This is what you call FALSE ADVERTISING. I'm checking with a lawyer about this to see if I have a case.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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I was told by the walmart emplyee that he was "LOOKING" at the product I was asking if they had in stock.I asked him to hold the product for me, which he said he would.Within

10 min my friend arrived to picup the article; but no one could find it. So they sold him a substitute , for the same price.

The substitute had half the power of the original advertised article. They never had, what they said they had, right from the start.

Just B**L S**T advertising and outright lying to get you into the store.


I had an experience tonight where an item online was $335, but when I added it to the shopping cart it came up $599. I called the 800 number and was told has a disclaimer where they don't have to honor the online prices. I feel this is legalized false advertisement.


Heres a little advice to people buying online vs. the store.

Most retail businesses will have items advertised on their website, but it does not mean their stores will have it at the same price.

Usually there will be a side print stating that the product is a 'online only' price.

It will also state 'prices may differ at the store vs. the website'

Christmas Ape

Now Irish, that's not a very charitable reading.

What if he really is an angry costumer? Say, with a local theater company or amusement park?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #143771

Angry customer, you cannot even spell customer, so that says very little for your reading skills. Maybe you read it wrong and need someone to read it for you to make you understand what you are buying, besides don't you need to be at least 18 to buy something online.

Whatever it is you should have asked your parents permission first. Which brings me to this, did you order behind their backs?

If so you wasted your money and are learning your lesson. I keep wondering why you did not get your parents to help now I realise they did not want you to buy the ipod torch.

#143679 is a joke i purchased their ipod touch special which came with a free accessory kit. I recieved it today to find my accessory kit was for an ipod shuffle not a touch.

So I went online and to my surpripe now they all say it comes with an ipod shuffle kit. What the *** is a person suppose to do with a kit that won't work on their ipod. So I emailed them and they said they were sorry for the mistake and refund me $1.00 1 freaking dollar (I know it was free but I want a kit for my touch tha's why I bought the *** thing).

I figured out why they are doing this it's because their out of the kits that go with the touch, but you would think they would replace it with something compatable. DIPSHITS!!!!!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #143375

I told you in your last letter ***, you dont have a case. wal-mart and fall in different companies though they are the same, and they can cover their *** for this "false advertizing" with their "at participating stores" and prices per store vary" A lawyer even told you the same, so get your four year old self off the computer and go to bed. It is past your bedtime.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #143062

BTW... the "***" below is: V A G I N A

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #143061

HAHAHA get a life. What a loser. I hope the lawyer punches you in your ***.

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