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Walmart tells you that a person can order tires on line and they will ship them free!! NO,NO,NO!!!

They do not ship tires to your house!! I wanted to buy two tires and have them shipped to me, because I could not drive my car, and it said FREE SHIPPING!! When I went to check out they would not let me because it said I had to go to the store and pick them up! Than is not what they say in their advertisement!!

I do lots of shopping at Walmart, but this has sure turned me off. I am 82 years old and don't get to go out of town much so I do a lot of on line shopping.

This has sure turned me off of Walmart sores. False Advertisement is very bad!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shopping Advertisement.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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"Free shipping" and "free shipping to your home" are two different things. I can understand being upset, but this is not false advertising.


Suck up to walmart very often?


Misinterpret and over react very often? What could I possibly gain from "sucking up"?

I'm just a rational adult who knows how to read and interpret the written word. It is clearly written in this post that the website says "they will ship them free". No where does this post say "they will ship them free to your house". Those are obviously two different things, so while this stinks for this individuals situation, it is in no way false advertising.

False advertising would be if the website said "we will ship them free to your home" and then they charged you a fee, or would not ship them to your home AFTER stating this.

This may have been inconvenient, but it is not false advertising. OP, learn the difference before posting shenanigans.


If you are really 82, you should surely have enough real world experience to know that companies don't ship individual orders to you out of the goodness of their heart. They are there to make money.