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Upon placing an order through Walmart for a 65in TV, the guaranteed delivery date was to be August 25, 2017. While tracking my item inn aug 25, I discovered it had not yet left its original location.

I contacted Pilot service who stated their was no way that item could have been delivered by the guaranteed date and that it would not arrive until aug 27th or aug 28th. They stated they receive many calls similar to mine and are confused to why Walmart promises these dates. I then contacted Walmart and the customer service agent apologized on behalf of Pilot and stated he was not sure why Walmart continues to use such an "unreliable service" and offered a 10% discount. The next day, the tracking source indicated that I needed to select a delivery date (the earliest being sept 5th!), 10 days later...

it's Aug 27th today and during a phone call with Pilot today I was asked to call back Monday and hope that an earlier shipment can be arranged.. This has been a very frustrating experience so far. I feel deceived and would not have purchased this product from Walmart had I known it would take almost two weeks to deliver.

It's very unfair to their customers to make false delivery claims. Sure, things get held up some times but in speaking with both companies I have discovered this is a regular occurrence.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pilot Freight Services Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I had a terrible experience with Pilot Fright too. An expensive TV I ordered from Amazon was delayed after sitting on a shipping dock for 6 days, then was subcontracted by them to another obscure freight outfit who apparently lost it.

I was also given a ridiculously wide delivery time (9am to 9 pm) and was not contacted by phone as promised. Avoid this company at all cost!


Cancel the order and buy the telly elsewhere, especially if you ordered a Vizio or Element or some other bargain brand. You will be glad you did if you can find a major brand like Panasonic at a good price.


Actually h. kitchener Vizio is now one of the top TV brands, though I don't understand how.

Had one years ago and hated it, but others seem to like them. But I do agree with you that they should cancel their order and purchase elsewhere.

I stick to either Sony or Samsung, but that's my preference.

Either way, I'd rethink going to Walmart for a major purchase like this. Go to Best Buy or wherever, it's safer and easier if there's a problem.

Good luck.