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Walmart is advertising that you can preorder the new Sony PS4. I tried to order just the console with free shipping on November 15.

Their website does not allow you to do it so I called customer care, the woman on the phone was nice but could not get it to work. She basically told me there was nothing that could be done. I sent another email to customer care and they will not respond.

This why I don't shop at Walmart. They do not care about their reputation because people will still go shop at their dirty stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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two kinds of people. People who love Walmart and People how hate Walmart.

More people seem to love it then hate it ad that is why they are still here. They are very good with controlling the messages and social media. They have great buying power and can offer stuff at GOOD PRICES. It doesn't matter if it is clean.

As long as you can get what you want CHEAP they will stay in business.


*cough* it says "limited quantities while supplies last" *cough* should have pre-ordered earlier


Why did they not say the item was sold out? Why advertise that you can preorder when you can't?

Why did they tell me to call customer service so they could help me place the order? Why was the customer service person unable to place the order?

Why did she say she would notify the IT department about the "glitch"? If you go to the site it still says you can preorder the console.


They mean in store you can go and try to pre order since not all stores at the moment are full on the orders but the online one hit their max. Either way the pre-orders have been out for months now.


"This why I don't shop at Walmart"?......really....didn't you just try to? I can hardly beleive that walmart would