San Antonio, Texas

I order this x box then when the order processed it came out as a 4g instead of the 250g as advertised. Here's the Cyber Monday ad

"Xbox 360 Kinect Family Fun Bundle

Xbox 360 Kinect Holiday Family Bundle Includes:

250GB Xbox 360 Console

Kinect Sensor Bar

Bonus Games Kinect Adventures & Kinect Carnival Games

Choice of Kinect Game

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

3 Month Live Card More about this bundle…

Items in this bundle may be sold separately in stores. See item details for availability."

Cost 319.00

When you check out it's the 4g system.

what a rip off.

I emailed them no response. The web site is fixed today.

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Thanks SW. I am going to see an attorney that handle class action suits.

Please keep all paperwork and pictures related to this incident. Thanks!


I had the same issue but I caught it that night via a email receipt to my blackberry. So I called in and the guy I spoke with said and I quote they ran out of the 250gb systems and were replacing them with the 4gb systems and proceeded to tell me I could take to local walmart with copy of web page and they would exchange.

So I let it go and did not cancel or persue any other cyber monday offers. Called the next day to local Walmart and they said no problem just bring in both items. So I did and they did not do a thing!!!

If they are going to lie to us at least everyone should say typo from the beginning. let me know about the law suit cause I am working on a copy recording from that night.


Same thing just happened to me. I had been waiting and shopping for the best deal on the X-Box 250GB with Kinect, saw the advertised offer on Walmart and ordered on 'Cyber Monday'.

What I received was the 4GB. Called and e-mailed Walmart, was told the 250GB hasn't even been available for 2 weeks. E-mail response said it was a typo.

I don't believe that for a second.

You can find the 4GB anywhere for around $200. Why would anyone pay $300 for it? How is charging more than the market price a deal? I feel this is a scam, bait and switch and illegal and unfair business practice.

I'm considering a class action suit against Walmart for this illegal practice. If anyone else would like to join in, please comment back.


I filed a complaint with the BBB and sent a complaint to the Walmart corporate office. Probably will not do any good, but it's worth a shot.


This also happened to me. I feel like I can go to the FCC for this since it was false advertising. It was clearly two different bundles--not a typographical error.


I had the exact same problem. I finally got a call back today and was told it was a "typographical error" on the website and they would NOT honor the ad and that the disclaimer on the website protects them against having to honor the ad.

They said they just found the error today and had a meeting and decided not to honor what they advertised. When I asked to speak to a manager, they told me the manager would not speak to me because she didn't speak directly with the public! WHAT A SCAM!! The two people I did speak with would not give me their last names due to "security reasons".

So I all I know is I talked to "Nisha" and her manager. On top of that they charged me $30 too much for a game I ordered with the set, which they finally took off my invoice after I complained to two different people.

The ole bait and switch! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME WALMART!!!!