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I have been shopping at my local Walmart for years, and after this incident, I will never shop there again. I had went there on a Friday night (6/22/18) at around 7:30 P.M.

There were only three registers open and they had at least three people in each line. I was forced to use the self-checkouts. After I had finished scanning all my items and payed, I proceeded out the front door. Just a few inches from the door, a young woman in a yellow vest (Kaycee) was calling after me telling me that I didn’t finish my order.

Even though I had told her I had the receipt, Kaycee insisted I come back into the store. After a few minutes of sitting on a bench in the store, Kaycee comes back to me and states the register is saying I had canceled my bank card and never payed for my items. She had showed me a slip from the register alleging this. I told her that this wasn’t true and that I had my receipt, but I couldn’t find it.

I then reached for my phone and showed Kaycee that the amount was taken from my bank account. After a few minutes later a manager (Linda) comes up and tells me that I had never payed for the items. She claimed that they had me on video showing that I never payed. I am not a thief!

I know I had payed for those items and didn’t want to pay for them again. Knowing that I really needed the diapers, I ended up relenting and paying for the stuff all over again. I know I had payed for those items, then I had payed for them twice. Walmart had treated me like a thief when I am not.

Then to top it off, Kaycee stared at me the whole way out the door. I will never shop at Walmart again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Guess what? They probably don't want you coming back either.


It's simple. Take your bank statement back to the store and show them you paid for it twice. Then sue them for about $50,000.


Well a bank account only show were you bought the item and the cost but not the product name or amount of product